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KUPA’s Original Mani-Pro combines power and affordability in an economically sized 3” x 5” control box. It continues to be one of the strongest, fastest, and most durable electric files available to the nail industry. Included: Mani-Pro® Handpiece, Power Supply, Variable Speed Control Box, 1-Sanding Band Mandrel, 10-Sanding Band. I specialize in the Gelousy Gel Nail System, and Tammy Taylor Acrylic products providing you with a strong chip-free way to have beautiful, strong, long lasting nails.

These UV Bulbs not only work perfectly with the entire Light Elegance product line, they also outperform other generic UV bulbs on the market. My customers look for an attractive setting where complete customer attention is a priority in a clean environment combined with an experienced, professional service.

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