She transformed from the star of raunchy comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers to one of Downton Abbey's new maids in the show's Christmas special. Cinching in her small waist with a thin tan leather belt, London-based Swedish star completed her look with a pair of mahogany heeled pumps. The area has the designer wooden panel complemented by cushions and elegantly designed wooden shoe racks.
We chalked out the entire living space with lines of wooden false ceiling painted with brown color from one end of the living room to the other end to give it a unique look. To spruce up the look of the living room, we continued the wooden feel in the TV cabinet right from the living entrance to the kitchen end.
This is one type of design which people would be afraid to try out in their living room given the complexity and glamour of the design. To suit with the floor color, we chose a white color high gloss laminate for the TV cabinets that married the theme. Also, we highlighted the stone cladding with a simple 3 lined glowing bulbs on the top which has a textured light falloff multiplying the depth of the cladding.
The glint of brown and white is not overdone and special focus is laid on imparting an understated yet beautiful scene.
The dining table not only provisions the inherent functionality but also is very unique without any extra polish.
The transparent cabinet units with three drawers in middle section have been specially crafted with wood to convey a rustic and warm feel. Above the crockery cabinet special closed drawers(with soft closing mechanism) for placing utilities has been provided.
Parallel built sink and cooking unit ensure that marathon movements are not required while cooking food. Right top cabinets are lined with 3 huge openable door cabinets that has ended with frosted glass door. Book rack having integration of two lower cabinets and 1 upper cabinet sided with vertical cabinet with 3 partitions has been provided at the entrance of the kid’s bedroom. For most of the kids, pink is not just a color, it’s more than an attitude they possess.
At the end section, the entire guest bedroom is designed with black and light cream color combination specially to appease any guest paying a visit. Display Light, robust and beige colors in most rooms exude an atmosphere of calm, which has a relaxing effect on the senses.
Tiling Checklist August 31, 2016August 31, 2016 admin Have you just started to renovate or build your home?
If you have started watching the new Block series you would have noticed in the past few weeks a sea of black matte accessories and accents of industrial wood with clean, crisp white bathroom ware.
Over the past few years matte black accessories from tap ware to shower heads and towel railings have been slowly becoming mainstream in bathrooms all over the country.
We stock a wide range of matte black bathroom ware from sink mixers, toilet brush holders and tumbler holders. Design Tiles stock a range of bathroom ware in order to create a calming and relaxing environment for people to enjoy.
Five reasons why you should add a Free Standing bathtub, to your new or current bathroom space. A freestanding bathtub can instantly make your bathroom look and feel like it’s fit for a king or queen.

This means, no more expensive visits to a spa retreat, when you can create the experience in your own home.
4.Incorpoarting a freestanding bathtub, can create an illusion of extra space in the bathroom. 5 Reason’s why you should add a Freestanding Bath to your Bathroom With the stress and and commotion that we face in everyday life. This blog post will showcase bathroom tiles and ware in which we store in our showroom to  achieve a similar look to Debbie’s Bathroom.
The concept we have created capture’s the freshness of the look using the Calx Panna Gloss subway tiles as well as incorporating all white bathroom ware. The use of Calcatta Porcelain as a floor tiles, as well as using the Calcatta Hexagon marble as a small feature. We love this look and we know our new and excisting Design Tilers will want to achieve a look similar. Our design tiles team can help you achieve a similar look ranging from the most exclusive range of tiles.
Complimenting your Tiles with Bathroom Ware March 31, 2016July 12, 2016 admin Choosing the right Bathware along side with the right floor tiles, can really compliment your Bathroom space. The wallpapers have been divided into several categories and they are all available in widescreen resolutions. And it would appear MyAnna Buring had undergone a ladylike makeover of sorts during her stint on the ITV1 period drama as she showcased a new look on the red carpet at the 2013 First Light Awards at London's Odeon Leicester Square on Tuesday night. There have been hangings, stranglings and drownings, Ia€™ve even been sucked into space.a€?My mum is really excited. Joely, 48, kept her look low-key in a simple loose-fitting black trouser suit, while Olivia, 44, looked prim and proper in a plaid checked jacket and a denim shift dress.
A special back passage has been provided from the foyer area to the kitchen besides to that of living room. Wooden color stone cladding was picked as a TV wall interior to make sure that the theme is continued without any diversion. Moreover the breakfast counter has been integrated with set of cabinets which can be availed as per use.
Moreover the aspect which is most amazing is that space constriction will not be experienced. This basic fact allowed us to play a major role in selecting an adobe and inspired us to gear up our thought process.
The 30 by 12 feet bedroom has a double bed with designer double sliding wardrobes with an openable loft.
Her keen interest in interiors combined with analytic background gives us the edge to deliver content that's highly gystified and useful. To give this classic option a modern twist try laying your subway tiles in different striking ways. Now with the new series of The Block highlighting how easy it is to add a touch of matte black to any bathroom it won’t be long before more and more people start to adopt the trend. If you have something in mind please give us a call or visit our showroom and we can help you find what you’re looking for. A freestanding bath can create the same focal point a feature wall can create without too much happening in yhe background. It is important to make sure you try and sit in the bathtub before it’s yours to place in your bathroom. The teams are designing such great home decor inspiration that has left our design tiles team in awe.

This look is very versatile as our design consultants can create this look to capture your character and style.
This adds adds luminosity to the overall style in which looks immaculate in all different lighting situations. With its sculptural feel and innovative Vcabinet design, the PIRAMID vanity is designed to complement an artful decor for the discriminating designer. From the unusual design and black finish throughout the interior, to the White wood or White oak finished wood, this vanity is all about the urban chic. Below is a list of floor tiles and pool tiles Sydney which we have here in the showroom available to view today! The 33-year-old actress looked the picture of vintage elegance as she posed up a storm in her pretty cornflower yellow floral dress.
I did Downton Abbey and Miss Marple this year and she was thrilled a€“ finally, something she cares to watch! We are happy that they allowed us to show us our own creative designs in every nook and corner of their house. If you look closely; we have chosen to restrict to a minimal number of colors and yet stretching the design just a bit which balances both. Gupta seemed highly impressed with the work of how we transformed the complete look of existing bar unit to the crockery.
The kitchen section has been very carefully designed to ensure that the residents do not encounter any hassle. With saying this, it is important that the right environment is created, in order to gain the most out of this experience. It is suggested that freestanding baths have enough room to allow you to enter inside the bath, as well as be able to clean around it. It is important to understand how your body and the shape of the bathtub sync with each other. Acrylic baths have excellent thermal properties, they retain heat and are warm to the touch. Whether you need tiles for your kitchen splash back, main floor, living, dining, kitchen or outdoor living.
Their fondness for the apartment has incremented manifolds since they have made it as their adobe. If you like this meeting another cute show here, please let us know so that we can develop our photo gallery and complete. Paneled walls and ceiling with wood panels In harmony with the environment, the rooms are white in the right places of refuge for you, when they are finished in shades of green and foliage. It isn’t connected to any walls and requires minimal installation besides general plumbing. A bathtub is your’s to own for many years, and choosing the right bathtub in which syncs with the design of your body can allow for a comfortable and luxurious experience each time. Beams painted wood Indirect lighting in yellow gold Sachliches wall shelf Black, drama Runners soft fur rug Bright and welcoming atmosphere Have you seen our, current living inspiration. It captures modern vintage style with a fresh appeal to the bathroom renovation in replicates a modern hamptons style bathroom. A style we know our design tilers will love. Our qualified Interior Designers will guide you through the whole process from picking tiles to suite your space and bringing your vision to life.

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