Even though MAX BOND THIXOTROPIC is a high viscosity resin system, it can be used in fiberglass laminating, making it ideal for vertical fiberglass reinforcing applications.
THE MAX BOND LOW VISCOSITY,THE GENERAL TECHNIQUE AND PROPER MIXING PROCEDURE IS APPLICABLE. Mixing InstructionsDispense equal parts of Part A and Part B and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency is achieved.
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MAX BOND THIXOTROPICis ageneral purpose high strength adhesive is used in all types of bonding application where excellent water resistance and a wide service temperature exposure is expected.
Other heat curing such as infrared heat lamps can be used if a heat chamber or oven is not available. Proportioning the correct amount is equally as importantto attain the intended cured properties of the resin system. Most epoxy curing agent has a degree of corrosivity, as a general practice, protective gloves should be wornwhen handling chemicals of the same nature. Step 3: Setting the platesNext, grab a LEGO plate and orientate it so that the LEGO branding on the studs align to the bottom. In this Instructabe you and I will walk through the steps for you to build your own LEGO Light Switch. Excellent Chemical Resistance Epoxy CoatingEpoxy Powder Coating   Main composition Mainly made of epoxy resin and curing agent, leveling agent, pigment, filler and other addictives. Please make sure to review all published usage instructions and processing information posted on this item page. The mixture will turn translucent milky amber but will clarify when applied in a thin film during curing. It is specially formulated so that the adhesive will not flow allowing the user precise and clean adhesive placement.

Thisresin systemis an industry"work horse" standard and is the most versatile system available. It is approve for direct and indirect food contact applications.Just measure out equal amounts of Part A and Part B, mix and apply and allow to cure overnight. The container in which the epoxy and curing agent is mixed is an important consideration when mixing an epoxy resin system.The container must withstand the tenacity of the chemical and must be free of contamination. MAX BOND THIXOTROPIC is paste like in consistency but maintains the adhesion performance of MAX BOND Medium Viscosity.
It can also be used as areinforcing resin for Fiberglass, Aramid( Kevlar Type)Fibers, Carbon Fiber or ascrack filling resin and surface sealing for many different types of substrates. It has a 90 minute working time and can be handled in 6 hours.A strong bond will develop in 10 hoursof room temperature curing and will fully cure within 24 to 36 hours.
The user should thoroughly test any proposed use of this product and independently conclude satisfactory performance in the application.
We validate the efficacy of the MAX CLR formulationby performing our internal laboratory extractable and leachable studies and deem its suitable performance.The user should thoroughly test any proposed use of this product and independently conclude satisfactory performance in the application.
For mix metering application, ensure that an equal flow rate of Part A and Part B is achieved. Heat curing is also ideal for MAX BOND for a faster cure time and will maintain its non-flowing properties at elevated temperatures.
The metal surfaces may be cleaned by degreasing as noted above, scouring with an alkaline cleanser followed by rinsing and drying.Degrease and dry a€“ Degrease the surface as noted above, sand or sandblast the surface lightly but thoroughly. Likewise, if the manner in which this product is used requires government approval or clearance, the user must obtain said approval.
The mixed consistency is similar to peanut butter and is easily applied using a brush, spatula, trowel or injected into place using a syringe. The information contained herein is based on data believed to be accurate at the time of publication.

Attach the static mixer and dispense and discard approximately 1-ounce material before using the material. A stiff and clean brush, or compressed air can be used.PLASTICClean a€“ Remove all dirt, oil, or other surfaces contaminate with detergent sop or degreasing solvent and water, followed by thorough rinsing and drying. Data and parameters cited have been obtain through publish information, PolymerProducts laboratories using materials under controlled conditions. Dispense the material in on corner of the component casing and allow the material to completely flow through out.
This technique will reduce voids and air entrapment.GENERAL MIXING PROCEDUREThe featured resin system on this video is our MAX CLR resin system but it will demonstratethe basic technique in mixing two component resin systems and obtain the best result and insure a homogeneous mix. There is no warranty of merchantability of fitness of use, nor any other express implied warranty. As the epoxy begins to polymerize, energy is typically released and its evidence can be observed as heat generation, called exothermic heat. The user's exclusive remedy and the manufacturer's liability are limited to refund of the purchase price or replacement of the product within the agreed warranty period. Since heat can affect the viscosity and length of time that the adhesive convents for a liquid to a solid, spreading the adhesive in to a film will prevent the heat energy from concentrating in the container and cause auto-acceleration.To yield the full strength that was engineered into the epoxy resin, it important that the mixed resin be applied withinthe established working time.
PolymerProducts and its direct representative will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind.
An exponential decrease in mechanical properties and adhesion quality will be experienced the longer the mixed resinisleft in a confined mass.Thin Film Set Timeis the time duration which denotes the amount of time the resin will convert from a liquid to a solid. Determination of the suitability of any kind of information or product for the use contemplated by the user, the manner of that use and whether there is any infringement of patents is the sole liability of the user.

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