For fast, reliable and effective curing, the Paradigm™ LED Curing Light offers great value from a company you can trust.
Polymerization of light-curing dental materials with photo initiator for the wavelength range 430-480 nm. Multiple-setting light timer with easy, push-button control offers preset cure times of 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds, a continuous 120-second mode, and tack-cure mode.
You are purchasing two brand new tubes of Thermal Conductive Adhesive and Solidification Curing Glue.
The adhesive of low temperature heat conduction and insulation is utilized to the seal end and bend to install the surface temperature sensor of the high power led and heatsink etc. Write a review on the product you bought and share your reviews to a SNS platform, you get 5% discount for your next order. The first one-bottle, one-coat self-etch adhesive from 3M ESPE designed for strength, simplicity and convenience. With Adper™ Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive, you are just one step away from creating a strong, reliable bond to dentin and enamel.
Adper™ Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive guarantees virtually no post-operative sensitivity. Available to all new users who have purchased through authorized dealers, the Guarantee promises that, if certain criteria are met, 3M ESPE will replace your product with the same or other product that is equal in value at 3M ESPE's discretion. With some self-etch adhesives, using a separate etchant on dentin can actually decrease the bond strength to dentin and affect margin quality.?, ? However, with Adper Easy Bond adhesive, if the dentin is inadvertently etched during the selective enamel etching process, the dentin bond strength is not adversely affected, even if it is dried.
Whether you are using the ultra-simple Adper Easy Bond adhesive one-bottle, one-coat process, or selectively etching in addition to applying Adper Easy Bond adhesive, you can achieve high bond strengths and reduced post-operative sensitivity with Adper Easy Bond adhesive.
Studies from two universities are shown to demonstrate the high marginal integrity and low nanoleakage of Single Bond Universal Adhesive.
COOL-SILVER PAD is one of the lowest thermal interface pad that was proven to perform the same as the best of thermal greases. COOL-PAD™ CGP7156 is designed for thermal interface applications to withstand the worst of temperature and moisture exposure in outdoor LED luminaire applications of outdoor LED lighting. Side-by-side comparative performance measurements  in comparison by direct replacing standards pads find in LED luminaire lighting modules to AIT COOL-GUMPAD, the temperature is lower the temperature by 10-20% from heat-sink to module junction temperature from 60°C to less than 56°C.

COOL-GELFILM™ is a thermal interface gel in film format for ease of application for critical thermal interfacing requiring high reliability without heat of provision of clips or pressure.
COOL-GAPFILL™ is yet another enhanced thermal gap-filling material that provides extreme thermal conductivity and thus unparalleled thermal interface resistance for board level multiple component thermal management. AIT invites anyone interested in using our COOL-GELFILM™ or COOL-GAPFILL™ to make compressible phase-change materials for use in electronic and other device applications to contact us for licensing.
Compressible phase-change interface materials compensate for large areas and extreme height differentials and gaps. In-situ curing thermal interface adhesive materials provide up to 300 psi as applied and cure to over 600-1200 psi over time at operating temperatures of the device. Available as electrically conductive or electrically insulating thermal adhesive, thermal grease, thermal gel and thermal pad. Available as dry, single-sided or double-sided pressure sensitive tacky thermal interface pad and thermal adhesives film tape. Available in preformed thermal phase change material pad and thermal adhesive film or tape. Phase-change materials, such as adhesives, greases, gels and gap filling compressible thermal pads are available in all thicknesses and offer outstanding thermal conductivity and low thermal interface resistance to help cool and manage power devices. AIT offers many other phase change and non-phase change materials for use as thermally conductive materials that may not be shown on our web site.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Includes one curing light handpiece, charger, 10mm light guide, eye shield and three curing discs. With Adper™ Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive the etching and penetration of resin monomers into the demineralized dentin and enamel are carried out simultaneously in one step, thus preserving the collagen structure. Also, a separate enamel etch is typically recommended for 7th generation materials when uncut enamel is involved. Jorge Perdigao, University of Minnesota, comparing the human teeth nanoleakage of other self-etch adhesives. It is a patented AIT phase-change pad that is compressible and when eliminates trapped interface trapped airs and voids upon reaching temperature heat up above 45°C.

Even in the consumer applications in over-clocking and gaming communities, COOL-SILVER Pad had received unparalleled rating in eBay buyers. Of course, the same phase-change pad works great for large area power modules, power converters for solar panels, metal core printed circuit boards populated with components that have substantial different height. COOL-GELFILM™ is a compressible and comformable thermal interface material which does not phase change but is pressure sensitive to provide immediate thermal interface performance. It is designed to provide conformability and compressibility to bridge the thermal gap of large boards and sensitive components. Please go to Product Application Form to receive a recommendation from our office on your specific application.
Please go to the Product Application Form to receive a recommendation from our office on your specific application.
Whether you use a convenient disposable unit-dose applicator or take the one-bottle approach, bonding for direct light-curing restorations has never been simpler or faster. This means you are not dependent on maintaining a moist bonding environment, which is a requirement of 5th generation, one-bottle adhesives. When bonding to dentin with Single Bond Universal, the etch and adhesive penetration occur simultaneously, and at the same depth, forming a hybrid layer.
They have been proven to provide outstanding performance for LED modules in luminaire lighting industry. The two charts on the right compare the percentage of continuous margins - before and after thermocycling - for Adper Easy Bond adhesive and other adhesive systems. Nanoleakage, resulting from an insufficient penetration depth of the adhesive, is significantly impacted by this mechanism.

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