FiBER FORCEĀ® pink light cure resin is used in the framework fabrication process to create tissue stops. EsFlow uses various sized nano-fillers and high molecular weighted Urethane Methacrylate monomer. Transcen Temp in&Onlay LC(Light Cured Temporary Inlay and Onlay Resin ), View Transcen Temp in&Onlay LC, nexobio from NEXOBIO Co., Ltd. Before application of Block Out Gel LC, plaster models should be left to dry for a minimum of 2 h to enhance adhesion.

To polymerize the material place the plaster modell in a light-box for 2 min or light-cure each blocked-out area for 10 - 30 s with a halogen polymerization device.
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It makes EsFlow to have superior compressive strength and lower polymerization shrinkage upon curing.
Drying can be speeded up with a warm airjet (hairdryer) or by placing it in a dryer.The block-out material can be applied directly from the syringe.

After light-curing remove the inhibition layer, best by wiping it off with a tissue soaked in alcohol.

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