In this 5 day comprehensive Artificial Nail course, you will receive theory and practical training that will give you the knowledge and skills to become a successful Nail Technician. In this 2 day Level II Advanced Artificial Nails course you will receive the comprehensive theory and practical training that will give you the skills to complete your training as a skilled professional Nail Technician. Student Testimonials “Very impressed by how fast you learn artificial nails through this program.” Anne Marie “Great class! This beginner workshop will introduce you to basic products and techniques to transform your client’s manicures into works of art. Create innovative Light Cured nail art masterpieces that will not only keep your client’s coming back for more but will also become walking advertisements to grow your clientele. Three amazing nail art workshops in one day providing Nail Technicians and Nail Artists an opportunity to enhance their craft and bring their skill set to the next level! Learn how to speed up fill times, gain confidence and add a new skill that will enhance your performance and efficiency as a Nail Technician. This hands on workshop focuses on the technical application of tips and forms on a live model. The class is taught with the LCN product line, the most advanced artificial nail technology in the world, manufactured in Germany and renowned for its superiority as a light cured resin system.
The class is taught with the LCN product line, the most advanced nail technology in the world, manufactured in Germany and renowned for its superiority as a light cured resin system. The course provides comprehensive theory and practical training, which covers topics including client consultation, hand and fingernail anatomy, nail disorders and diseases, methods of sterilization and sanitation and demonstrations of superior manicure techniques. In this fun and casual environment you will see demonstrations and get to explore and discover your own creative inner artist.

You will learn how to design using LCN’s cutting edge products such as; effect, colour and glitter gels.
Students will be given information, see a demonstration and have hands on training in the proper use of an electric file. The Polish Up Your Life Workshop provides Estheticians and Manicurists hands on training for application of LCN’s innovative natural nail products. This light-cured, LCN Gel Expert class is perfect for a new or seasoned Nail Technician wanting to increase their speed and efficiency, customize product application based on their clients’ nail type, and learn how to troubleshoot to prevent lifting. Environmentally friendly with all the fast-curing, consistent power of the LED 5-45 Light at an economical price. Various nail tip application techniques with light cured sculpting products are taught to create artificial nails with the most natural appearance possible. You will learn how to evaluate nails for the precise choice of form or overlay, how to properly apply forms and the art of sculpting a free edge, as well as the special technique of customization.
You will gain hands on experience in nail treatments, hand and arm massage, precise polish and French polish application, paraffin wax treatments and hot oil treatments. You will learn how to apply a variety of embellishments, learn marbleizing, sponging, stamping, striping designs, freehand animal prints, and trend polish techniques.
You will also develop skills in marbleizing, embedment, basic theme design creating colour transitions, and wet on wet gel art designs! A full day of easy to follow, step by step instruction for incorporating new nail art trends, styles and advanced designs into a Gel Nail Service.
Learn how to safely use and handle an electric file, bit selection and instruction and proper disinfection.

Specifically, you will learn how to use Natural Nail Boost Gel, All Week Long - 7 Day Polish and Recolution Permanent Gel Polish.
New innovative LCN Gel resins will be available at the class for thorough product knowledge and an opportunity to try. Efficiently and rapidly cures Gelish® Soak-Off Gel Polish products for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to 3 weeks.
For further enhancement, you will also learn the proper technique for French Manicure application and maintenance of the nail.
In addition you will learn the proper removal of artificial nails and how to successfully repair and fill injured or damaged nails. You will gain an understanding of different nail types, nail disorders and diseases, appropriate product use and chemical composition of products.
Application tips and technical troubleshooting, client home care and maintenance for natural nail applications are also offered.Model required. In addition, you will learn proper salon and spa sanitation procedures in accordance with the Canada Health Act.

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