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PDT or PhotoDynamic Therapy is an excellent treatment modality for sunspots, sun damage and superficial skin cancers. What is Photodynamic therapy?Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a proven method of treatment for both sunspots and certain forms of skin cancer.
How does PDT cure skin cancer and treat sun spots?Photodynamic therapy is a non-surgical and well tolerated treatment that combines the use of a special photosensitizing agent (ALA). What types of skin cancer can be treated by PDT?PDT can only treat superficial or thin skin cancers, including superficial BCCs or Basal Cell cancers and IECs or Bowena€™s disease. Is the treatment painful?In general PDT is well tolerated and in many cases an anaesthetic is not required. For treating skin cancers, a slight stinging or burning is commonly felt in the treated area when the laser light activates the cream. For large areas of PDT, such as the face, or scalp we often provide pain relief with either a cooler or analgesia. What can I expect in the following days after PDT?Due to the sunsensitivity of photodynamic therapy, many patients have a sunburn feeling for several days following treatment. If you have PDT to the lower limbs, you may need to restrict your activities for a few extra days to ensure that your skin heals.

What is involved in the PDT procedure?Preparation of the area for PDT typically takes 10 to 15 minutes. Full face PDT takes approximately 6-7 days to recover from, which compares favorably with Efudix treatment (downtime of 3-4 weeks). Note that not all lesions are suitable for PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY, your skin cancer doctor or Specialist Dermatologist will guide you accordingly. How does PDT compare to Efudix for the treatment of sun damage and sun spots?Sunspots or solar keratosis is a common pre-cancerous lesion seen in the Queensland population. In contrast to Efudix, PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY can be performed all year round and involves a single treatment.
If patients are not concerned in regards to cosmetic outcome and can tolerate a downtime of 4 weeks, Efudix is the cheapest, but also a very effective treatment for sun-spots.This should ideally be conducted in winter.
If patients are only concerned in regards to precancerous sunspotsand can only have downtime of one week, PDT is the treatment of choice. If patients wish to address other signs of photoaging such as pigmentation, and would like to reduce sun spots and solar keratosis, Fraxel Laser can be a good option.Fraxel laser has a down time of 6 days, and cost $990 per treatment.
If sun-damage is very heavy, and associated with heavy pigmentation, age warts, as well as deep wrinkling, Laser resurfacing is the best option. How much does PDT treatment cost?Cost of photodynamic therapy will depend on the area treated and the number of sessions you will require. Sunspots will require only one treatment session, whilst skin cancers such as BCCs and IECs will require two sessions. How do I organize a time for PDT?An assessment by our Skin Cancer Specialist is need prior to PDT treatment. Once an assessment has been conducted, your Skin Cancer Doctor will book you in for an allocated time for this treatment, as we need to co-ordinate nursing staff to assist with this procedure. My Skin Cancer Centre perspective on PDT treatmentPDT or photodynamic therapy has been a time tested treatment method for sun spots, actinic keratosis and superficial or thin skin cancers of the basal cell and squamous cell subtype (Bowens Disease).
In the setting of sun spot treatments, it has a shorter downtime compared to traditional treatments such as EFUDIX, however newer methods of sun spot treatments such as FRAXEL 1927 Laser is slowly replacing large area PDT treatments.

It is a new generation of leds with four bands of color that emits an optimal spectrum of light, which allows it to be used during all phase of the plants cycle, growth and flowering of the plant.
Treatments are quick, convenient, with a shorter recovery time compared to surgery and other creams. The wait time allows for the chemical to be concentrated in the area of sun damage and cancerous skin cells. Smaller treated areas such as the nose or upper lip heal within four to five days after the procedure.
Sun-spots are rough, dry, red and scaly lesions on areas of the face, ears, scalp, and hands. This treatment can be conducted throughout the year, and patients will have a quicker healing time compared to Efudix.
This ensures that your skin cancer or sunspot can be safely and effectively treated by this method. If performed in the correct setting, PDT has a very high cure rate, with a low incidence of scarring.
Laser treatment of sun spots has a very promising future- treatments are more cost effective compared to PDT, and is associated with better comfort levels for the patient, as well as a decreased downtime. Sunspots only require one treatment, whilst Basal Cell Cancers and IECs require two treatments. Your skin cancer specialist and nursing staff will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the treatment process. Additionally, with high humidity and UV index seen in Brisbane, Efudix treatment is limited to Autumn and Winter.
Once the skin is exposed to the light treatment, the photosensitive drug starts to react by destroying damaged and cancerous cells leaving normal skin tissue unaffected.

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