At this stage when tooth decay in the enamel or dentin the tooth can be restored to its original form and function by the dentist. Did you know that the use of mercury fillings has been abolished in Sweden and that the UK government has banned its use during pregnancy?
Proper isolation of the tooth from the rest of the body is must which should act as an effective barrier against swallowing or inhalation of mercury fumes. TuTu White utilizes the most proficient light spectrum for a more effective teeth whitening. In addition, the voice announcement system assists the patients throughout the whole treatment. Cross Protection Singapore have been in the dental industry for over 35 years and we have the sales expertise to work with you in providing the need for goods and services for your clinic.
Trowel-filling is exactly what it sounds like: spreading large quantities of filler over the entire area of a floor, allowing it to dry hard, then sanding off everything that doesn’t fill a void.
My hardware store has these cute little pots of Color Putty in dozens of colors - why can't I just fill all my cracks with that?
This is the perfect juncture to explain that there are two different kinds of putty or filler you can use on a floor.
First, try to fill them with actual WOOD; it doesn’t sink and it shrinks and swells with the wood surrounding it. When you do choose to use filler, there are some products that we adore and use on the contracting side of our business and will be delighted to sell to you. Match the filler to the color of the spot you are filling, not just to the specie of the whole floor.

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Despite mounting evidence against the use of mercury many dentists are still using mercury fillings, blissfully ignoring the growing volume of scientific evidence which points to many chronic and debilitating conditions which occur through such use. We also recommend taking dietary supplements, such as Vitamins C and E and Selenium to negate traces of toxicity even after the amalgam has been removed and to guard against any traces of mercury in the system.
In some cases (and in the hands of a professional) this procedure can have some benefits: on very new floors in climates where the boards don’t swell and shrink very much through the seasons, trowel-filling does help keep the finish contiguous and may help to prevent some cases of White Line Syndrome. Larger voids also require that you apply the filler in stages (because it will shrink after each application). If the problem area is too small to warrant removal of the board, but too big for fill, drill it out to a regular circle and fill it with a face-grain wood plug (or even several in a row) in the same species as your floor. Don't use wood glue and dust to make filler - it always dries more yellow that you think - unsightly!The wood flour cement has two main strengths: the epoxy itself lasts forever, and you can mix up only as much as you need for each job, so there is no waste. Maple floors have dark spots and oak floors have light sections, and all floors have at least one dark knot. We recommend applying filler right before stopping for lunch or before you leave for the day.
If tooth decay is not treated and allowed to spread the pulp of the tooth is destroyed which then needs root canal treatment that is longer and more expensive than a filling. But in older, already gappy floors in climates with season extremes (yes, like Minnesota) the benefits of trowel-filling are short-lived. This kind of filler comes in a few colors and you choose the one that best matches the background color of your wood, and it should then take on color (stain or finish) as your wood does.

These blend into the floor beautifully, and are a fraction of the work of replacing a whole board.
But don't wait until the end of the job either because the filler that sticks in the wood grain around the void you've filled needs to be completely removed or it will look like a liitle halo around each filled spot, once the finish is applied. As long as you aren't trying to fill the Grand Canyon, it will be dry by the time you're ready to start sanding again. Within a year, the movement of the floor will break up the filler, leaving you with a finish which is no longer contiguous AND loose fill between the boards.
Slices from a dowel will work in a pinch, but they will absorb stain more deeply than the wood of your floorboards and will appear as a darker circle; face-grain plugs match the grain direction of the actual flooring and will blend and take finish much more seamlessly.
These fillers are already pre-tinted in a much wider variety of colors than hardening fill.
We sell the most darling, tapered face-grain plugs in maple, red oak, walnut and cherry in various sizes.
During this time, the patients complain of sensitivity to hot and cold or sweet and sour things. So here, in no particular order, are all our favorite thoughts on the many weaknesses (and occasional strengths) of woodfiller on hardwood floors.

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