Arturo Osorio, Mia Secret exclusive educator, shows how to use Chrome Mirror nail liquid and create a 3-D rose using Formagel. The Japanese-based Nail Labo has come out with a new cheaper LED light for its Presto line of soak-off gels. The lamp is designed specifically to cure BSG’s line of gel-polish products and requires no bulb or battery replacement. Once the nail structure has been sculpted with Cover Pink, apply a base coat of Luxury UV and cure for 45 seconds in LED nail light.2.

The light features some changes to the previous design to cut production cost and in-turn lower the price to the consumer.
Compact and lightweight, the light can be used indefinitely, so no more troublesome bulb replacements, and because there is no bottom portion, clients are free to cover the hand or foot when using. The light is able to cure Presto gels in as little as five seconds, making a full set of gel nails in under 20 minutes a reality. Once it’s dry, file sidewalls and tip, allowing the base and top coat of Luxury UV, seal up each other.

This is really important, because the Chrome Mirror need to be completely encapsulated in order to make it last from 2 to 3 weeks.

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