With near UV LED’s, the Aquatic Life XS-UV High Output LED Fixtures feature American made 3 watt Cree LED’s to produce up to 246 watts of high PAR lighting, in the perfect spectrum for vigorous coral growth and color. UPC 810957013110 might be created by GS1 US company,Aquatic Life, LLC · 2839 Tanager Ave.
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These next generation fixtures incorporate 400nm Violet and 420nm Actinic Blue LED’s that emit wavelengths close to the Ultraviolet spectrums, to more closely match what corals naturally receive from sunlight—helping the corals with photosynthesis.
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These fully programmable, remote controlled fixtures allow for customized lighting, including up to three independent 24-hour light cycles in up to 18 color combinations to enhance the natural beauty of your fish and corals. The six different types of LED’s in each fixture can be custom programmed using the exclusive Tiaojiou software.
The six different types of LED’s in each fixture can be custom programmed using the exclusive Tiaojiou software. Connect this innovative fixture directly to your computer with included USB cable to set-up and custom program the fixture to your own specifications. Software is available for download to complete light cycle and color combination programming.
You may even simulate cloud cover and lightning storms using programs that simulate environments fish and corals are exposed to in nature, and the large LED mounting area distributes lighting and effects throughout the entire aquarium, and interchangeable 80° and 100° lenses can focus light intensity for deep water applications.

Modular components of this unit simplify fixture assembly, upgrades and part replacement, while brilliantly illuminating your aquarium. NOTE: To properly program the fixture you will need to download the software from the Aquatic Life Website and program the light from a PC (XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8).

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