Over the past three decades more people have suffered from skin cancer than any other type of cancer combined. UV light cannot be seen by human eyes because it exists in tiny electromagnetic wavelengths, as opposed to the longer wavelengths of light that we can see. The Markova study (a series of UV nail lamp tests recently published by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and discussed by Daniel J.
Even though there is a low likelihood that using UV nail lamps will result in skin cancer, it is important to be aware that there are viable alternatives that pose a lower risk to your health. UV radiation is the number one cause of skin cancer and it is imperative that we protect ourselves from natural and artificial exposure. Despite improvements in sun blocking technology and increased access to information about cause and prevention, we see increases in the number of patients afflicted with skin cancer each year. These very small waves have the ability to penetrate the skin and mutate DNA, which can lead to skin cancer.

DeNoon at WebMD Health News) shared their findings which concluded that UV nail lamps are safe for over 250 years of weekly manicures. While research suggests that the average person would find it impossible to sustain enough radiation from nail lamps over multiple lifetimes to cause cancer, it is important to be well informed on the issue. So, with the unrelenting popularity of gel manicures, which cure under nail lamps, comes the important question: Am I at a higher risk for skin cancer if I go to the nail salon? Most people are exposed to very large amounts of UV rays over their lifetimes which is one reason that the incidence of skin cancer is so high.
The study tested nail lamps similar to 90% of the available products against the FDA-approved phototherapy devices that are commonly used as a benchmark for carcinogen levels by dermatologists. When tested against the phototherapy lamps in the Markova study, researchers found that a person would need over 40,000 ten minute sessions under an LED nail lamp to sustain the same radiation produced in one phototherapy session. At Julep, we take our customer’s safety very seriously and believe that access to information is vital in sustaining our healthy community.

Luckily, the scientific community has responded to the gel manicure fad by testing the safety of UV nail lamps. They found that a person would need to use a UV nail lamp for ten minutes at a time (three times the length needed to cure a gel manicure) over 13,000 sessions to equal the UV radiation caused by one phototherapy session. Our nail technicians apply sunscreen moisturizer to our clients’ hands to protect them from any possibility of light damage or carcinogens.
Make sure that no matter where you go you keep sunscreen on your hands – it’s the number one place people get skin cancer because we often neglect to protect them!
Emory University dermatologist Jamie MacKelfresh says, “This makes me rethink the issue of nail lamp safety.

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