We have been in the Electronics industry since 1945 starting with amplifiers and radios then leading to televisions in 1959.
Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) are voltage¬† dependent symmetrical resistors intended to protect equipment from transient¬†voltages resulting from lightning strikes. Some important parameters of MOV are a varistor’s energy rating (in joules), response time (how long it takes the varistor to break down), maximum current and a well-defined breakdown (clamping) voltage. I downloaded the datasheet of related varistor and the internal juction shows "3 diodes in series" connection.

For your info while the AVR is at good working condition, at the anode applied 28vdc and at the cathode 42vdc, in accordance of service manual. This varistor is silicon symetrical type an looks-like as diode with cathode mark and loacated in an AVR unit (power supply). For a normal varistor you can use analog meter set to x 10 k ohm and test it either way and it should not have reading.
The use of MOV not only reduces the chance of electrical damage buut also improves equipment reliability.

Metal oxide varistor have many types of colors and to test it you can use an analog meter set to X 10 K ohm and it should show no reading on both ways.

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