You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Loved the old lamp, but just used the new lamp and love it so much quicker, love the shorter curing time and the removable base for pedicures. I have always found the original lamp easy and quick to use but Sensationail have gave this the best upgrade it could possibly get!
Love love love this lamp - my friend got it in the Boots kit for Christmas and have ordered mine now. Also might be a bit silly but this lamp does not have the beep so I have no dog going mental! I annoyingly have a tear in my left index nail which I've glued and silk wrapped to let it grow out without needing to cut all my claws off.
Our mission at LashBase is to continue to provide top customer service along with the highest quality, best value products. Shellac Nail Polish has to be cured under a gel nail lamp and we supply nail lamps Ireland and nail lamps UK. This UK AC adapter plug should only be used with the SensatioNail™ Pro 3060 LED Nail Lamp. Artistic Nail Design introduces the latest addition to its range of professional products, the Artistic LED PRO 30, a high performance LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light for rapid and effective gel curing. This new scientifically engineered light offers nail technicians rapid and accurate gel curing. Clients will enjoy a faster treatment, giving them a better experience at the salon, whilst nail technicians will love how easy the new light is to use, with its motion sensor activation and LED display timer with countdown.

The Artistic LED PRO 30 has been created specifically to work in conjunction with the Artistic Colour Gloss soak off gel polish range and new Artistic Smart Gel.
It is a dependable light which comes with a one-year warranty and is guaranteed to provide years of reliable in-salon performance. Reflecting today’s multi-faceted professional hair and beauty market, The Salon magazine is the UK’s only trade publication to cover all sub-sectors of the industry. Appealing to the ever-changing needs of all salon and high street spa owners, managers, hairdressers, beauty therapists and nail technicians alike, each monthly issue delivers fresh and informative articles to educate and inspire. If you have a customer complaint or query this is not the place for the quickest response, please contact us here so that we can help you in the best and fastest way, thanks! LED nail lamps emit more UV than those with fluorescent bulbs, which is why they cure nail coatings faster. LED nail lamps release UV using “diodes” as bulbs rather than the fluorescent tubes used in traditional-style nail lamps.
Fewer UV wavelengths with higher intensity are emitted by LED diodes; many more wavelengths with lower intensities are emitted by fluorescent tubes, so each type cures UV gels differently. LED-style UV nail lamps cure faster, but have about 30% lower wattages, meaning they use about 30% less electricity.
LED nail lamps can over cure UV gels designed to cure by fluorescent-style nail lamps and can cause nail bed burns. Different LED nail lamps often release very different amounts (intensities) of UV, so one LED nail lamp can be very different from another LED-style UV nail lamp. Both types (styles) of nail lamps will probably need replacing after 4 years of use of normal use.

LED diodes can’t be replaced; fluorescent tubes must be replaced, typically 2-3 times per year.
UV gels must be specially formulated to cure properly with LED nail lamps and are formulated differently to cure with fluorescent-style nail lamps; making it difficult for a UV gel to “properly” cure in both types of nail lamps. Some manufacturers have calibrated their UV gels to work well with specific nail lamps of both types, but there is no such thing as a UV gel that will properly cure with any nail lamp, nor is there a nail lamp that will properly cure any UV gel. Our experience has shown that with great service and quality products you’ll never need to go anywhere else.
Our  LED lamps cure nails in just 30 seconds and our UV lamps cure nails in just 2 minutes. Its spacious interior is large enough to fit the full hand, and it has four pre-settings for 10, 20, 30 and 40 second curing times.
LED lights outperform UV lights when curing gel applications, and are a benefit to salons as they do not require bulb replacements.
For starters, they work faster – taking between 10-90 seconds to cure each coat of polish, as opposed to 1-3 minutes in a UV lamp.
They are more efficient, using very small amounts of power and lasting seemingly forever (25,000 hours!).

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