Finger-length nails bedecked in beads, charms and just about everything that can possibly fit on a nail are some of the current fashion trends for the younger generation in Japan. The “Lumi Deco Nail,” recently unveiled at an exhibition in Tokyo, needs only an Android smartphone to set them a-glowing any time you make a phone call or whenever you use an electronic payment card such as a train pass. Using a technology called Near Field Communication, in which small amounts of power are transferred between very short distances, Takara developed a wearable, micro-thin LED sticker that glows. The toy company launched the product to the market last week, said company spokeswoman Misayo Aruga.
The company said it will consider launching the nail decals abroad after seeing how they perform on the Japanese market.
Don’t be put off by the pint-sized space you’ve got on your apartment balcony: there’s still room to grow. A premier source of English information and lifestyle content for people living in and wanting to find out more about Tokyo. I receive a lot of questions about UV and LED lamps for curing gel polish, and thought it might be helpful to provide a brief comparison of the two. Like everyone I wanted a quality LED light but was not convinced to spend the mega dollars requested by brand name producers (eg Gelish) so turned to where they are all manufactured =China!

I have used this product and have a hard time getting the builder to cure with led but just fine with any uv.
Hi Andrea, the reason i asked this is because when i looked at the RCM website it said to cure RCM polish for 1 minute with the portable lamp and 30 seconds with the pro lamp so i just assumed it wasn’t as strong as the pro lamp. Japanese toy company Takara Tomy ARTS caught up with the trend gap and unveiled stick-on fingernails that light up when you make a call. A set of 16 intricately designed nail stickers—one of which contains the LED—will sell for about 1,200 yen ($12). It blinks whenever I pass through train gates, which lifts my heart a bit,” Aruga told AFP.
I personally prefer lamps that fit your whole hand and not just four fingers because curing your thumb separately takes more time. I paid for one and then read later it only has the suropean plug in and the one listed in the pic isnt the one they can send now Im really concerned Ive paid for a lamp I cant use. Comments about red carpet manicure professional led light: i bought the red carpet pro light after trying the portable light and having terrible results.
I also recommend going with lamps that have a higher wattage because the stronger lamps will cure faster and better.

It is identical to the Gelish brand (prob same factory) without the brand stamped on the outside.
I have an led lamp 3.5 or 5W from Gelicious and I tried to cure Gelish in it the Black Gelish does not seem to cure but the clear top coat does.
There is lower chance of skin cancer risk for UV Lamps compared rto tanning beds but LED is the best choice. The gelish mini pro 45 led curing light is especially designed to efficiently cure gelish soak-off polish. The low-powered 6-watt mini lamps that come with most starter kits don’t always cure well.
I know the lamp is from a different brand but have been told by the shop assistant that gelish will cure in any led lamp.
By maddie aberman, beauty assistant, using an led light to cure your gel will speed up the process significantly.

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