6 Band 800W Apollo 18 LED Grow Light With IR UV, 3years warranty and free shipping, It is full spectrum for plants growing. Built-in 10 cooling fans, unique heat sinkBuilt-in hanging hardware, easy to set up in minutes, Plug N Play.
5.Using first rate LEDs as light source , ensuring the superior high quality and long lifespan. 9.Apollo LED grow light is lighter and more convenient for shipping,modular assembling very convenient fro maintaining. 10.Users can customize their own products which can provide the most nutrient light source for their plants,wavelength ratio and LED lamp beads ratio,red,blue,orange,white,yellow mixture lights are also can be customized. 12.The red wavelength for plants budding and blossoming and fruiting,blue wavelength for plants photosynthesis and keep growing steadily.

LED Light Fixtures are Light Sources which are made of solid state semi-conductor material. The very essential advantage of Quality LED Fixture is that they do not burn or do not emit much heat as compared to fluorescent bulbs and they can conserve up to 40 to 50% energy as compared to fluorescent bulbs. It's the upright ability of these lights which can without much effort make the space livelier, attractive and better in look.
They are easy to install, control and have much longer life period than various other such products available in the market. LED Light Fixture is available in combination of lighting colors like Warm White, Cool White, Amber, Orange, Red, Blue and Green. Other major benefits of LED are long lifespan, high energy efficiency, negligible UV emission and ecofriendly.

A LED Light Fixture is a type of Solid State Lighting that uses Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) as the source of light. These products offer greater light functionality and sturdiness in a very considerable approach in addition to low the intake of electricity.
Compared with fluorescent light you can find various advantages of LED Light fixture such as Lower energy consumption, smaller size ,longer lifetime and eco-friendly.

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