LED light bulbs which have been heralded for combining superior quality lighting with extreme energy and cost savings are now becoming increasingly affordable and are close to the tipping point of mass adoption.
The 60 watt bulbs have only made their way to retailers over the past year and typically at prohibitive 30 to 40 dollar price points. LED light bulbs, initially treated with skepticism by many consumers who already experienced disappointment with the lighting quality of compact florescent light bulbs,  were puzzled by the obligatory heat sink at the base of the bulbs. LED light bulbs seem to be the obvious choice for lighting in the future, often expending less than one-eighth the amount of energy for the same amount of illumination in comparison to incandescents.
Another attraction to LED lighting is the sheer longevity of the bulbs which typically will last 10 to 20 years with some bulbs including a 10 year warranty. Some manufactures have taken LED lighting a step further, as my own nephew demonstrated to me over the holiday season last year. Another important factor in LED lighting is the fact that the bulbs don’t contain any Mercury making these more friendly to the environment. All LED light bulbs have a heat sinks close to the base which allows for the dissipation of heat as a result the glass of the bulb doesn’t get hot thus allowing the bulb to run more efficiently.
The availability of a superior quality lighting without any of the drawbacks of CFL lighting should also de-politicize the switch away from old fashioned incandescent lighting and the efficiency and resultant cost saving without sacrifice of quality will make this one of the largest growth markets of this decade.
The creators behind the Grobo call it the “Keurig for plants.” Yes, it’s really that easy to use. Dutch developer New Living on Water (NLW) has created a new luxury floating home set to be unveiled at Cityscape Global in Dubai. We help designers, engineers, draftsmen, and mechanics get better jobs, earn more money, design better products and games, become more innovative and creative, and outshine their competition. Our commitment is to provide the best training for the product design and development, industrial design and engineering community.
The best LED light bulbs on the market use just 10-20% of the energy of an incandescent bulb, or half the energy of a CFL.  And LED light bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours (equal to 12 hours a day for over a decade), which is roughly five times longer than a CFL and a whopping 50 times longer than an incandescent. Light bulb packaging is starting to make it easier for buyers to compare bulbs, with standardized labels that include lumen output, estimated lifespan, color temperature, and energy consumption.
The warm, inviting glow of traditional incandescent bulbs is one of the biggest reasons consumers still use them.  Fortunately, LED bulbs have stepped up their game in this area too, and they are finally matching the quality of traditional light sources as well as their brightness. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Now days LEDs are in heavy demand and they are on the rise due to its electric efficiency, but their prices are high and it provides great opportunity to upgrade them, so that people can buy best quality LEDs at affordable price.
If you need LED light bulbs or LED tubes for your office or home so we are the leading led bulb manufacturers and suppliers.
E-Paramount Business solutions provides huge range of options in LED lights which comes at affordable price. These days LED light bulbs and LED tubes are showcasing some creative and bright ideas; because most of the leading manufactures are designing household LED light bulbs and LED tubes which have potential to last for decades with the quality of energy efficiency. Apart from traditional use of LED light bulbs and tubes now days LEDs are useful in decoration as LED Display Boards and LED Bulb Modules are best to display or decorate the place in low price. EPB Solutions is leading the LED lighting industry with its premium range of LED tube lights and LED bulbs, which is made up of off road light technology and available at straight from the factory prices.

It is recommended to use the LEDs because they are more stronger and durable with longer life and apart from that they provides better shinning in single direction as well as they consume less power, which is helpful to decrease the cost of electricity. It still has 21 LED cluster bulbs but by using the latest technology Eveready have designed this GU10 LED bulb to offer the same Lumen output as the GU10 LED 2.1w thus lowering energy consumption even further. This particular GU10 LED is very popular as it is an inexpensive solution when converting from GU10 halogen bulbs as they reduce energy costs significantly.
For all orders to other EC counties including Eire we charge a shipping charge based on weight. Recent sales of 60 watt equivalents at big box retailers such as Home Depot and Menards have seen price drops to under 15 dollars a bulb and we can safely expect the 10 dollar price point to be broached by later this year. The recent dramatic declines of the price of the bulbs has finally made this accessible to average consumers coupled with the awareness that they are even more energy efficient than compact fluorescents. In addition unlike CFL’s they are dimmable, turn on immediately and give off a better quality of light. This has made them very desirable for applications where the fixtures are difficult to access and has made them a favorite of outdoor lighting on taller buildings even before the recent dramatic price drops.
He gave me a first hand view of the Apple phone app that worked in conjunction with Philips Hue LED light bulbs which allowed him to change the color of the actual lights, program them to go on and off, and allow for dimming all through his iphone, which would even be possible regardless of his distance from the house. Another point also worth noting is the fact the technology is still improving from an efficiency standpoint and 75% to 85% less energy expended may likely be 90% to 95% within a decade or so.
The only downside that has been articulated is a gradual decrease in the amount of lumens after several years although this would be true of all kinds of lighting. Since 1994 we’ve trained thousands of designers and engineers from companies like Motorola, Caterpillar, John Deere, Harley Davidson, and NASA.
If you are going to choose LEDs for your home or office, so you should go with your specific lighting needs and requirement. With us you can get the consistent supply of different kinds of LED lights which ranges from fancy floodlights to traditional LED lights. LEDs are the cost effective lighting option which have standout feature with higher efficiency and life expectancy apart from that LEDs also comes in compact in size, shapes and structure that allow flexibility in various designs.
As shoppers technical information doesna€™t matter to you, but while purchasing the LED lights you should careful with the selection of color and temperature of the light in accordance with your home or office requirements.
For buyers ita€™s essential that while switching to LED bulbs, dona€™t expect to save cash because in log term it will help you to save maximum on electricity bills.
We provide LED tube lights and LED bulbs in different powers such as; 3w, 5w, 7w, 10w, 12w, 18w, 20w and more so that one can select the range as per his or her need and requirements. In industry, we are one stop destination related to ITeS, e-Governance, Voice & Non Voice process, Sales & Marketing and many other Semi-government projects. SMD LED Spot light bulbAsk a Question Eveready GU10 LED 4w 300LM 3000k Warm White High Power. While some of us will still be waiting for the 75 and 100 watt equivalents to come down in price (they still hover in the 30 dollar range) the trend downward is a good indicator that the higher watt bulbs will soon follow suit.
While most of us might not be asking for this type of capability, this illustrates the possibilities and aside from a steep price (200 dollars) for a three bulb set, we can expect more in the way of smart lighting in the near future. In this sense the horizon looks bright for LED light bulbs with the economies of scale falling into place along with numerous companies fighting for market share.

This may be a prime example of technology and innovation improving the quality of life for everyone and in the end everybody wins. Our engineering, product design, and industrial design training methods are outside-the-box, rather than the typical classroom book training. LED light bulbs and LED tubes are available in various power option such as; 3 watt LED bulbs, 5 watt LED bulbs, 1 watt LED bulbs, 10 watt LED bulbs, 20 watt LED bulbs and more.
Due to cost effective nature and an impressive lifespan which is of around 20 years LEDs are in heavy demand, but at E-Paramount Business solutions we provide consistent supply of LED lights which are of different power such as; 9 watt LED bulbs, 5 watt LED bulbs, 14 watt LED bulbs, 10 watt LED bulbs, 20 watt LED bulbs and more.
We have variety of colors such as; blue, red, yellow, pink, green which blend in well with your office and home ambience. If you are looking for LED lamps that have higher efficiency and longer life expectancy so it is recommended to use White-light LED lamps.
These days due to heavy competition in market the price of LED bulbs and LED tubes are coming down. At EPB Solutions we provides wide range of LED tube lights and LED bulbs which have premium quality and they are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use or wherever you want to turn darkness into daylight.
Our LED lighting solutions are perfect option for residential, specialty and commercial lighting needs. Color rendering index or CRI can best be described as how many different colors in the spectrum are contained in the white light so an inordinately low number ratings below 80 results in a bleak and washed out lighting that is harsh and unpleasant to the eye.
But more than that, we increase your knowledge of specific design and engineering techniques. We are in direct contact with led bulb manufacturers and due to that we provide best led bulbs for home and offices in most affordable prices. We provides best LED bulbs and tubes at most affordable price as per requirement and need of clients and customers. The growing popularity of the LED tubes and LED lights bulbs are the prove that LEDs are more environmentally-friendly and efficient and due to that we provides LEDs in all powers such as; 1 watt LED bulbs, 3 watt LED bulbs, 5 watt LED bulbs, 10 watt LED bulbs, 20 watt LED bulbs, 14 watt LED bulbs and more, so that one can choose LEDs as per their specific need and requirements. At E-Paramount Business solutions, we offer huge range of LEDs lights at most affordable price such as; 1 watt LED bulbs, 3 watt LED bulbs, 5 watt LED bulbs, 10 watt LED bulbs, 20 watt LED bulbs, 14 watt LED bulbs and more. At E-Paramount Business solutions we have wide collection of LED light bulbs and LED tubes such as; 1 watt LED bulbs, 3 watt LED bulbs, 5 watt LED bulbs, 10 watt LED bulbs, 20 watt LED bulbs, 14 watt LED bulbs and SMD Led Modules, LED Display Boards, LED Bulb Modules and many other LED finished products.
LED lights are cost effective and provides high quality lighting at the same time they are also helpful in minimize the carbon footprint on environment.
In our LED tube lights and LED bulbs we use Epistar Taiwan chip for high quality and due to that they are perfect for the use in Solar lanterns, Outdoor display, Street light, Ceiling light, Led torch, LED tube light, Led bulb and many other devices. LED lighting accounted for about 1.5 billion dollars in 2012 but will increase to 8 billion by 2015. This means that using software becomes more graceful, effortless, and flexible for you on all your projects. With core strategic initiative and continue innovation we are fulfilling our commitment to develop new and most innovative LED products by utilizing the latest lighting technologies and designs.

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