Larson Electronics announced the release of the LEDLB-24E-UV-365NM ultraviolet LED light for curing applications. The LEDLB-24E-UV-365NM ultraviolet LED curing light is a direct replacement for traditional 400 watt UV curing lamps. These light bars operate on low voltage direct current and can utilize voltages ranging from 9 to 48VDC without the need for a transformer, making them ideal for use with vehicles and automotive batteries that commonly provide 12 or 24 volt DC power. Larson Electronics manufactures a wide variety of ultraviolet lights and for curing and non-destructive testing applications. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. New evidence has just come to light that simple domestic LED lighting can cause retinal damage in mice, this is not surprising as I have already blogged about LED light damage in the past. It’s not the frequency of the light but the intensity, I have on occasions been setting up an LED light for studio use and looked into the rows of lights for a millisecond and had an after image for at least 5 minutes which is not good. Our business is awash with hi-brightness LED lighting which is far more damaging than the domestic LED lighting that affected mice. The present data clearly demonstrated irradiation of the white LED is above 400 nm and is not within the ultraviolet light region.
I love LED lights and use them all the time but as you can see by my example I always diffuse my LED lights especially the ones in front of the presenter (red line).

LED lights are a great asset to any video kit but the evidence is now growing that they are dangerous to the human eye if exposed over a period of time especially without diffusion.
All LED video light manufacturers should supply LED lights with diffusion built in, the only good thing is that LED lights are heat free so attaching a scrim, diffusion is easy and you can use simple plastic pegs or bull clips.
It’s obvious to everyone but you that Hi bright LED lighting is dangerous to your eyesight.
The mice in the study had 2hrs of LED light shone into their eyes consistently for 2 to 4 weeks with 450Nm lights. Because certain LED video lights don’t come with a diffuser box cameramen are assuming they are fine to use in fact many LED companies use pictures with LED lights not being diffused. You can’t look into any of my LED video lights without a diffuser the light is far too intense.
I too find the language of the quoted article confusing, however the fact remains that looking at super-bright LEDs is harmful. HMI’s were at a price that only professionals could afford them, LED lights are ten a penny and 600W LED lights are ?500 far more affordable than any HMI, therefore they are far more widely available than HMI ever were. It makes sense to point out the intensity problem to a wider audience who may not be aware of it’s damaging properties. Writing style aside, I found this as a useful reminder to not look directly into any light source for extended periods of time and to use proper diffusion.

However, the exposure of eye in LED illuminated environment was related to the development of photoreceptor loss. Will you be shining them in people’s eyes for 2hrs a day for 2 to 4 weeks, day after day?
This is not because of the frequency of the emitted light, but its intensity, hence the recommendation to diffuse it.
Have recently bought led desk lamp and the 48 led row caught my eyes when the light strip was upside down and had that blurred copy of led images ringing through my eyes for the next few minutes, trippy experience. Alternatively, Larson Electronics provides AC to DC transformers, enabling operators to power this light from any 120-277V AC power source. It must be noted that the light illuminations used in the present study as an experimental tool were not fully similar to normal condition that which would impinge upon the retina.
It also is a worrisome reality for anyone who is front of a camera and light for extended periods of time. The housings are constructed of extruded aluminum, and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens gives these light bars unparalleled durability and the strength to withstand rugged use that would destroy typical gas burning lamps.

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