Every furniture store deals with the hassle of damaged furniture: freight damage, delivery issues, warehouse mishaps, showroom damage… We can assist you by repairing & restoring your products and getting them out the door to a customer’s home! Please contact us for a quote on your repair need or to inquire about opening your own OnSite Restorations Franchise.
Leather CouchesContact Fibrenew Auckland Central for a quote on your leather, plastic, vinyl, upholstery or fabric repairs. I bought Ashley durablend sofa set from furniture source (11545 Reeder rd Dallas TX 75229-2112) on 11-4-10 .
I am so disappointed by Ashley .I also have another sofa from Ashley too which i bought 5 years ago with some part leather but its absolutely fine .

Kays Leather Works specialize in repairing minor to severe holes,cuts, scrapes, tears stains and scratches. We also offer complete refurbishing of faded and worn car seats  and components, sofas, and chairs, in homes, Hotels, Offices, Clubs, Bars, Aircraft’s, Boats and Yachts.
Decuit TeamAJI was very impressed with the fast and professional services from Kays Leather Works, and I would recommend their services great job and keep up the good work.
John :)John Taylor Great job and very reliable work carried out and saved me a fortune on purchasing new seats for my bmw. For our full colour listing for each car manufacturer, please view our colour database.

Automotive-inspired bucket seats provide sink-in comfort, and a power reclining mechanism lets you change angles effortlessly from an upright to a fully reclined position with the touch of a button.

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