ALCOLIN READY-TO-USE LATEX-BOND CEMENT ADDITIVE is a ready to use cement additive that has been specially formulated to replace the water addition component of cement based products e.g.
Roof-Top® Latex Bonding Adhesive (water based) Waterbased bonding adhesive for bonding epdm to wood. Roof-Top® Neoprene Bonding Adhesive (solvent based) An adhesive used for bonding EPDM membrane to wood, metal, or concrete. DRYLOK® Latex Bonding Agent bonds concrete and plaster to difficult surfaces such as dense, slick or porous concrete, stone, drywall, hardboard and plaster walls.

The black rubber catsuit pictured is also available in red, and many other colours and finishes including transparent, gold or silver. When used as an additive to concrete mixes for patching, DRYLOK® Bonding Agent improves the adhesion and increases the resiliency and elasticity of the patch. This is a slick latex bodysuit with integrated metal boned corset and under wired bra cups. The 2-way zip has three sliders and runs from the collar at the centre back around to the front corset section.

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