All Lampshades are made of the finest materials and are returnable or exchangeable within 30 days if still in original wrapping. To measure the top and bottom diameters of a lampshade, simply place a tape measure or ruler straight across the middle (not around it).
I’ve seen some really cute lampshades that looked fairly plain when turned off but when you turn them on, you see a neat design.
The idea came to me when I was using my Cricut to make some scrapbook layouts the other day.
I continued cutting out the cityscapes and gluing to the inside of the shade until I made it all the way around. Now, the lampshade is still fairly unobtrusive when the light is off but when you turn it on…wow!

Just wondering – do you use regular card stock and is it safe or is there a risk of fire? Fran, as long as the vinyl doesn’t melt from the heat of the bulbs and you can get it to stick to the shade, seems like it would work fine.
I thought this would be a perfect solution for my boring white lampshade on the kitchen work desk.
By selecting an image and cutting it out of black paper, I could place the cut-outs on the inside of the shade so that the shadow would show up when you flipped on the lamp. I quickly realized that I would have to cut the design into smaller pieces to account for the curve of the shade. At this point, you could still see a few white gaps along the bottom between the buildings.

I just saw this lamp a couple days ago and I was lookin around in the internet A LOT to find how they did it. I cut straight lines between the building sections and overlapped them slightly to make them lie flat against the shade. I fixed this by applying a decorative black ribbon around the outside of the shade that has a white stitch down the middle to make it look like a street. We could be throwing a unique party, refinishing a flea market find, or whipping up a new cupcake recipe.

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