Once you have identified the lamp parts you need by name, visit our "How To" section for proper sizing.
McCann London (notorious for iconic advertising campaigns) recently launched a playful twist on the Knitting Nanas advert.
Spurred by the song, ‘This is how we do it,’ the nanas gleefully finish their morning chores dancing and singing.
The hand crafted lamps glowing brightly behind each nana are our bespoke Single Scollop Fabric Lampshades. After much consideration, we selected the single scollop design for its time-honoured feel. Shreddies was pleased by the way our finished shades instantly set the scene for a familiar family atmosphere.
Premier Lampshades has over 36 years of expertise designing handmade, customised lamp shades.
To measure the top and bottom diameters of a lampshade, simply place a tape measure or ruler straight across the middle (not around it).

It combines the best elements: fabric lamp shade, glass reflector shade, candle covers, and classic styling. Ever since, these healthy, wholegrain squares have won the hearts and minds of UK families.
In 2012, a simple competition to nominate a new nana for the Shreddies box achieved more than 470,000 Facebook likes. Their colourful backdrop is adorned with traditional cushions and our matching custom-made lamp shades. The bell shape is a quintessentially British style with the warmth of familiarity—a perfect complement to these loveable grannies.
We can design shades using our standard featured fabrics, like the Single Scollop Fabric Lampshades, or customers can provide their own fabrics like Sheddies for a unique design. We are proud to offer all of these elements on this site for repairing and restoring your reflector type floor lamp.
When the beloved Knitting Nanas teamed up with Shreddies in 2007, they quickly appealed to breakfast enthusiasts.

We were delighted when they requested Premier Lampshades to set the stage for these traditional ladies with our uniquely British lamp shades. It features an elegant, rose-coloured, floral pattern with forest green leaves, set on a creamy fabric. You may identify the lamp part you need by name and click on the part in the image for related products on Reflector Type Floor Lamp Parts. Their adverts featured a darling team of grannies racing to lovingly knit each wholesome square into shape. To make your business shine with our uniquely British designs, contact us today on 01204 414366, 01204 412062 or use our contact form.

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