However the Buyer must return the item or items to us, at their own expense within 7 days in the same condition and packaging in which the item or items were delivered including all conponents including lamps (light bulbs). The buyer must notify Mail Order Lighting of any damages or defects within 3 days of delivery and must obtain a returns reference number by calling 01642 704101. Please note that you have a statutory duty to take reasonable care to ensure that the goods are not damaged in transit and that we receive the goods.
If you are in the market for some seriously stylish and extremely efficient lighting systems, then please look no further. The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the home and the lighting solutions need to be functional as well as providing a stylish form.
Our comprehensive bathroom lighting range will have a product to suit all budgets and we like to offer some very competitive deals by way of price reductions on a regular basis. Your dining room is where the entertaining usually takes place at home, and the lighting is the focal point in many of these scenarios.
Here at Mail Order Lighting, we pride ourselves on selecting and offering the best bedroom lighting systems possible. Our hallways are more than just a place that connects rooms together, think about the times that you’ve had meaningful conversations and just hung out shooting the breeze there. Some say that the kitchen is the most important room on the modern home, and who are we to argue with these good people? The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Sorry, this product is not for sale on our website or over the phone, check if it is available in your local store. Use an opal light bulb if you have an ordinary lamp shade or lamp and want an even, diffused distribution of light. When you have an idea about including oriental modern table lamps in your set up and are remodeling your space, then you might be confronted with all your decision as to place in your room of what sort of lamp. Antique style ginger jar lamps will likely include the paintings of Chinese landscapes, or complicated insignia, including Chinese calligraphy. When it comes to lighting, the lamp itself will normally come with up to 150 W of allowable power, and that means you will have the capacity to have enough light from the lamp no matter what states.
The lighting possibilities for contemporary design ginger jar modern table lamps are varied from as low as 10 W to 150 W lamp output power, that will permit you to use this as a subdued bedside modern table lamp, or a dining room lamp that is strong.
Live stock information is unavailable for this manufacturer.Please call 866-339-5060 or email us for the current availability. Unfortunately, some items are unexpectedly discontinued before being removed from our site.

Items are occasionally listed as "In Stock" but are sold out from the warehouse before we can update our inventory. Iron frame in warm antiqued silver finish with brilliant icicle crystals.CALL TOLL-FREE 1-866-339-5060 FOR BEST PRICE.
If reasonable care is not exercised, we may make a claim against you for not exercising this statutory duty.
We believe that our bespoke range of bathroom lights meet both of these requirements with ease. Mail Order Lighting has amassed an excellent selection of dining room light systems that will take your guests breath away. This dining room light system wouldn’t look out of place in an A listers home and we are offering it to you with a huge discount – check out our dining room lighting page for more details. With 10 bulbs and presented in a stylish bronze finish, what better way to showcase your gorgeous dining room? An elegantly understated lantern that will speak volumes about your taste and sense of style.
Your bedroom is a place where you can close the doors to the rest of the world and kick back alone, or with the love of your life. We really respect this part of the home and have selected some bespoke lighting solutions that really add a little ambience to this most overlooked part of our homes.
If you’re intrigued with the mystique of the far east Asia, nothing brings it nearer than a ginger jar table jar with its painted or printed images in the land, and with its style-top in-bent lamp shade, resembling the form of the roofs of the Chinese pagodas. While straightforward off-white silk oriental lamp shades will counter the complicated looks of ginger jars it’s still best if the classic design ginger jar lamp is placed on an isolated area on the desk or shelf, with a plain light blue or white background. Many lamps will allow for setting special multi stage bulbs, that’ll allow you to establish the light to everywhere from 10 W to full 150 W power. Modern design lamps are commonly more only designed than their antique-design counterparts. If you have not been given an opportunity to examine the goods, please sign for them “unexamined.” If you notice that the outer packaging is damaged then please sign the delivery paperwork as “package damaged” or if you so wish refuse the delivery.
We've been in the home furnishing business since 1878 and our experience is what puts us way ahead from our nearest competitors. But don’t just take our word for it, because we have over 80 different designs that should meet each and every taste and bathroom scheme. We have scoured the market for some of the most beautiful and stylish designs just for our customers’ perusal. This ethos is mirrored in our superb range of bedroom lighting systems, they really are that good.

Mail Order Lighting has picked a fantastic range of lights that will turn any hallway into something a little special. A kitchen can be the place for those late night heart to hearts or perhaps somewhere to hide for a little while.
Often, they will feature just one shade jar that is bold, such red, orange, turquoise, or as off white.
We really are the one-stop centre for all of your home lighting decor needs and believe that our 125 years of retail history is reflected in our excellent service and superb range of goods. If you prefer a subtle circular ceiling light, we have many to choose from, likewise if your tastes are a little more imaginative, they’ll be catered for. You will not find a better collection of dining room ceiling lights than the range we have here at Mail Order Lighting. We believe that the bedroom is one of the most expressive places in your home and we offer ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps as well as floor lamps for your special place to be. Mail Order Lighting understands these needs and has selected a very comprehensive set of lighting products that will suit every need.
Some of the designs are simple but effective and we wind the expressive dial all the way up to eleven for the more adventurous of you out there. And for those of you who prefer a real chill out space, our range of ambient lighting systems will surely float your boat.
If you’d like to concentrate on fluorescent designs, we have that covered, likewise with spotlight constructions.
The backgrounds, such as the walls that the lamp is positioned by you against, could not be black, but they can also be pale or even vividly colored, provided that they fit the color of the jar. Here is a selection of our home lighting room by room, if you still can’t find your desired lighting system, please use our very simple filter system on the left of our home page – Thanks for looking. There are many fine lighting systems that have been reduced and once you check out our huge range on offer, you’ll soon start thinking about how to fit them all into your own bedroom. We understand that no two kitchens are ever alike and have ensure that whatever the theme, there is a solution here. As an example, the warm colors of the wall would match together with the warm-colored lamp jar, for example yellow, orange, or ox-blood red. Many of our kitchen lighting products are available at a far more reasonable outlay than you will find elsewhere, so check them out now for some very pleasing possibilities.

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