Spent a week in the state of New Jersey restoring this beautiful french bronze chandelier in the customers home. Picked up this old French art glass chandelier from a customer here in PA.he had bought it from an antique shop. Went to Virgina to pick up this old waterford crystal chandelier.The fixture needed a lot of work it was in a box in pieces. A customer sent us by UPS a solid brass cage light the nices one I have ever seen .It was all burned up and needed all new electric . This large old pan light need to be rewired and ventalated I used reproduction paddle sockets and they fit well .
These were a few of the jobs we have done to read the nice words of some of our other satisfied customers click testimonial . A sleek antique bronze finished metal column with a square base is topped by an earth-toned Tiffany style glass shade with filigree gallery. Here at Lamp Doctor we have a large supply of ready made silk shantung lampshades in stock. Lamp Repair has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to Tiffany style lamps including Tiffany table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling pendants, flush and semi-flush mounts, Tiffany chandeliers, wall sconces, art glass windows, fireplace screens, and much more. To restore this old crystal chandelier had one of it's arms broken in the move to there new home.
When his elecriand tried to hang it by himself he ripped one of the arms off causing real bad damage to it .

Replaced all the electric with high grade porcelain scockets and cleaned the bronze frame .This is art deco at it's best. From contemporary floor lamps to Tiffany style designs, we have had them all pass through our doors. Why pay an arm and a leg for repair services at 'special' Tiffany repair shops when we can do the same for you at half the price!? The worst of all was the fixture was all shorted out and the wires melted in the arms getting them out was really bad.The crystals were really beautiful but needed to all be repined with gold plated clips and the gold plating on the frame looked great after cleaning. The quality of this fixture was top notch cut an one of the most unusual chandeliers I had ever worked on. The fixture got messed up from moving everything was bent out of shape I had to use a smith little  jewlers torch and heat almost fifty castings to bring it back to level .
This fixture was handed down from the customers mother it was in pieces a lot of the fine lead crystal was damaaged hand had to be replaced I think the person who took down the chandelier just pulled the crystal off.It took many hours of work to get this large chandelier back to the orignail state. The first day of work was spent on just finding out where everthing went by the end of the week a stunning antique crystal chandelier was reborn .The chandelier was sent back to the customer and placed in the center hall .
The arms were all crushed inward and all had to be painstakingly straightend the finish looked dead and was brought back to a beautiful warm glow . We also work with the biggest brand names in the industry such as: Holtkoetter, Lite Source and Robert Abbey floor lamps. We have customers and clients from Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, The Tri-State Area, and BEYOND!

Lamp shades can be custom made from several different fabrics, trims, lamp shade frames, or bring your own fabric for the ultimate in personalization.We also recover and restore your old and faded lamp shade beauties from days past. The whole chandelier was covered with a hard white plaster from a long lasting leaking from the ceiling . It was a very time consuming job beacuse it had about one hundred conection points that had to be all lined up ! We also have customers from around the country who know it is worth the extra effort to use The Lamp Doctor in New York City! The brass frame went into a rejuvenation bath all the crystals were cleaned and a lot of pins were changed . Our expert team of technicians, refinishers, and repairmen can take even the most tired old vintage lamp or antique chandelier and bring back its lost glory. We offer a complete line of services in lamp rewiring, refinishing, repair of lamps and chandeliers and complete lighting restoration.We also provide custom painted finishes. You can even ship your lamp and chandelier  treasures to us for repair rewiring and restoration!

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