Bonjour a toutes et a tous,voila mon soucis, pour la fete des meres mes enfants m'ont offert une tortue. Oui dans l'eau, mais il faut avoir aussi une partie seche sans eau, appelee plage ou la temperature doit etre de 32┬░CLe sable oui c'est le meme que les poissons. They are equipped with an electronic ballast to assure a longer lifetime to the lamps and with a cooling system by ventilator for 2 and more lamps. The interior is glossy polished which allows a higher reflection of the UV-C radiation and so a better germicidal effect to the lamps.

This approach non-chemical treatment of water in our houses, hotels, restaurants, farms, fish farms, swimming pools, spas, ponds, rain water recovery, etc., provides the best possible disinfection without using chemicals, and the best possible protection against viruses, bacteria or other pathogens in water. 2 - These UV-C lamps oxidize and decompose side products of chlorine such as chloramines and other organic pollutants. 3- Economic, as there are only the costs for electricity for the use of the lamp and the ballast for hundreds of m3 of water perfectly purified.
The lamp has to be changed every 10’000 hours of use, which means every 1-5 years depending on use.

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