Light things up with (from left to right): the Life of the Party, the Veteran, and the String Theorist. For you hard-core DIY types (and you know who you are), we’ve come up with a few starter ideas, confident that you’ll take this concept and run with it.
If you are considering purchasing or installing T8 LED tube lamps, also know as TLED, this is a must read.
If somebody installs a T8 or T12 fluorescent lamp in a fixture that has been retrofitted for TLEDs with an internal driver, what will happen? The lamp sockets are the push-in type, then all sockets should be replaced with non-shunted, turn-type lamp sockets.
Please note: There are special considerations when retrofitting fluorescent fixtures to operate TLED lamps.
I tried about 3 different ones before settling on this idea, which took much longer than I expected.
For the metal wire that was on the inside of the rope, I wrapped the twine around each rope, then around the wire, to make sure it stayed in place, creating a cute design element as well. When the light is on, it reminds me of the sun, shooting rays out across the ceiling, which gives it a warm Summery, beachy feel. I think this fixture is far enough away from the bulb, but just to be safe, replace the hot bulbs with cool ones. Access Fixtures lighting specialists are receiving and answering lots of questions about T8 LED tube lamps.

There are two types of TLEDs, some like Philips InstatFit LED T8 lamps require a ballast and some like Access Fixtures T8 LED Tube Lamps have an internal driver and work on 120v to 277v line voltage. Non-shunted lamps holders means the copper pieces on each side of the lamp holder are separate, in other words not connected to each other, as each must have a separate power lead. Each TLED product and application will have its own set of unique requirements, so care must be exercised to closely follow the lamp manufacturer’s instructions. My first try had too much woven rope, and looked much like a basket I stuck up on the ceiling. You can adjust it by unscrewing a hook or screwing one in more until it’s level to the eye. The crystals just add a little texture and sparkle and make it a little more whimsical and romantic, which is always nice for guests, don’t you think? Buy a hanging lamp kit, drill a hole through the colander—just don’t use an everyday plastic one—and merge the two. The InstaFit type TLED is an easier initial installation, but using an existing ballast means the ballast may fail long before the TLED fails. Since installing most TLED products requires rewiring fixtures, anyone interested in installing these products should obtain the services of a qualified electrician.
The second, mimicked a planter, so I had to come up with a design that would let light through, make pretty shadows on the ceiling, and not look like the planter that it is.
When the TLED stops functioning, it will be more difficult to determine the point of failure.

I hate dealing with electrical, so I wanted something to just disguise what was already there. I may create another one, in a completely different way, and with different materials, for another room upstairs.
Also, any TLED that requires a ballast is significantly more expensive as you have to purchase a new ballast or eventually replace the existing ballast to keep the lights on. I did something similar with a feather wreath in our old rental house, but this room has a nautical tone, so I wanted something that would contrast with the ceiling {not blend into the white}, that would cover the ugly fixture without rewiring, and had a hint of nautical beachiness to it. TLEDs with an internal driver require removal of the old ballast and some rewiring before the TLED is operational. Many TLEDs with integral drivers come with safety stickers for the luminaire stating: Only Use T8 LED Tube Lamps With Integrated Drivers.
Pair a deep, stainless-steel colander with a cylindrical ceiling fixture for that Sputnik look (Norpro Krona 4-qt.

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