We have been in the business for many years and we are highly committed in providing reliable and trustworthy lamp repair services to retail, commercial and residential clients.
We take our pride in delivering exceptional lamp repair services to a wide range of clients.
We deal with old and new lamps regardless of brand, but as most people know, old lamps are more complicated to handle. Lamp repair is surely the best option is you wish to restore your old lamps regardless of its types. Socket – If you have a continuity tester, you can check the socket by placing one lead to a metal tab that can be found on its bottom.
For any lamp repair needs, just rely on our services and you will have the best experience.
About UsWe are the #1 Vacuum and Sewing machine repair store in Ventura, providing professional service and repairs since 1986.
If you do not want to do-it-yourself, check here for contractors in your area for just about anything from fixing your water heater to a whole house remodel. All projects should comply with your local building code regulations, permits and inspections. Our lamp repair technicians will get your broken or damaged lighting fixtures and lamps back up and working again in a timely manner. Maybe you picked up an amazing vintage lamp at an estate sale, only to realize after getting home that it doesn’t work. At Ventura Lamp Repair, we take care of your lighting needs as quickly as possible and without worry.
Ventura Lamp Repair offers free local pickup and delivery (within a reasonable specified range, of course) to make everything as convenient as possible for you. Well, no need to think further of what should be done and let the Lamp repair expert do the remedy.
We have licensed and experienced technicians that will ensure that all your needs will be covered. Our technicians are very good at all these services, but we can provide expert Lamp repair services to lamps that are included in a particular set or antique lamps that can be a family heirloom.

With our expert Lamp repair service this is not a big worry at all since we can repair and upgrade old lamps with much ease. Some lamp repair shops may have a hard time finding some parts needed for restoration and repair. In order to do so, all you have to do is to squeeze the sleeves that cover the harp and remove it. If you do not have one, our Lamp repair experts will do it for you and continue with the repair process with your permission in case necessary.
Click below to read ourreview of these great paint color cheat sheets.They take the guestworkout of choosing paint colors. Although our name doesn’t include lamps and lighting, it is still one of the premium services we offer to our loyal customers. Wiring, switches, plugs, cords, or sockets are all possible culprits for why a lamp or light fixture might stop working. Antique lamps and heirlooms are often beautiful but they don’t look nearly as lovely if they are sitting in your home collecting dust. If you’ve been to Ventura for vacuum or sewing service then you know that, with over 35 years of repair experience in the Ventura county area, you can trust us and we respect you.
Or, if you prefer, drop by our store and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and allow you to drop off your lamp. Lamps are one of the most valuable home accessories that you can have as it adds beauty, elegance and a source of light to every home.
We can repair lamps ranging from the smallest ones such as home lamps for outdoor or indoor lighting to the most astonishing halogens and chandeliers. So, whenever you think your lamps need some sort of repair let our professional services help you. We are extremely good at antique lamps, but can work on all sorts of lamps such as floor lamps, Tiffany lamps, crystal base lamps and even chandeliers of all sizes and class.
With us, this task is extremely easy as we can find every single part that you need to have your lamps restores and repaired.
With the use of your thumb, press on the socket and put a little pressure on top of the base.

In case you do not have one, bring your lamp immediately to our Lamp repair centre and we will be doing the necessary testing for you.
Ventura Lamp Repair will assess the situation with your lamp, perform various tests, and then repair or replace the parts which are not working. Maybe a harp is broken, a shade sits crooked, or the cord simply isn’t long enough to fit your needs. If you have not yet made use of our lamp repair services, stop in to talk to one of our service representatives, or give us a call. Our services are provided carefully, conveniently, and in a timely manner so that you can go back to living your life with lamps, vacuum cleaners, and sewing machines that are in the best working condition. So, whether you lamp is in serious need of lamp repair, we’ve got the reliable services that you need.
We can even bring you very hard to find lamp light bulbs with our broad connections and will to deliver the most remarkable service possible. If the test light does not on, then what is needed is a simple cord replacement and we can do it for you.
Our professional technicians take the extra step to make sure that you are completely satisfied. Whatever the case, Ventura Lamp Repair can be trusted to restore and repair vintage or antique lighting with great care, while maintaining the integrity of the piece. If you find that the bulbs are darkened, broken or has a significant change in colour, it is best to opt for Lamp repair service rather than buy a new lamp.
We have access to various parts which might not be available to the general public and we use our resources to benefit you.

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