Voters in Georgia get their chance to influence the presidential race at the polls, with one of the largest delegate totals among 12 states voting in primaries. Super Tuesday is the biggest single day of state-by-state presidential … On a recent afternoon in a municipal building in downtown Augusta, Georgia, voters popped in to cast early ballots, such as Zekia Brunson, 33. Previous installments of this series: Massachusetts, Minnesota, Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Vermont. 6 takeaways from Super TuesdayDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton didn't win their parties' nominations on Super Tuesday -- but they both became much harder to beat. Waters of the United States ruleBut not to be deterred by defeats in previous Congresses and Supreme Court rulings, the Obama administration has refused to let go of this unconstitutional power grab.

Footed brass bowl and set of 4 brass napkin rings Napkin rings are 2" across and hammered brass. Pair of Carved Wooden Pillar Candle Holders Matching pair of candle holders, carved from wood.
Pair of Decorative Carved Wood Panels The two carved panels - each with different carvings - are set up to hang horizontally or vertically. Wrought Iron Wall Decoration with Mirror This decorative wrought iron piece has an oval mirror in its center and is decorated with small ladies shoes and dresses in pastel colors. Lovely Shell Lamp Off-white bell-shaped shade over clear glass bottle-shaped base filled with a variety of colorful sea shells.

17" Vintage Quoizel Lamp with lighted base 1978 Quoizel lamp has lights in the top and the base which can be turned on separately or together.

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