B & B Lamps and Shades mission is to offer the most unique, high quality lamps, shades, finials, lamp repair and custom built lamps in the metro Louisville area.
B & B Lamps and Shades has been serving metro Louisville and the surrounding region for nearly 30 years! We offer many designer lines, in addition to custom built lamps, a complete selection of lamp shades, and lamp repair.
At B & B Lamps and Shades, we believe that without proper lighting, even the most beautifully designed space can be cold and empty.

For clients not in the Louisville area, we urge you to call us today so we can match the shade you need and ship your product directly.
Coupled with our unparalleled customer service, we are proud of being the destination for those in need of lamps, lamp shades, or lamp repairs. Our experts can provide the creative touch you need to finish any project, large or small. We will walk you through the process of finding the right size, color, and style of lamp and shade to fit your budget for your home or business needs.

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