Like their larger counterparts, the juwel Rio 180 has classic lines and an exceptional level of build quality and technical excellence - but with a smaller capacity of 180 litres.
Like all juwel models, these Rio models come READY TO USE, with lighting, heating, pump and filtration included in the cleverly designed (and hidden) corner housing, which enhances the look of your aquarium and make maintenance simple. Its safety base frame ensures especially safe positioning and allows you to set up your aquarium easily, with no need for special supports. Painstaking workmanship from Germany, top-quality materials and perfectly tuned technology guarantee the very best quality and safety, meaning a long service life for your RIO 180.
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With its compact surface of 101 x 41 cm and classic rectangular design, the RIO 180 will fit perfectly into any design scheme. This offer applies to most of our products online such as Plants, most Gardening Products, Barbeques, Furniture, Aquatic products & Pet products.
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