The giant direct-seller Amway revamped its exclusive line of hair care products with a patented technology creating products that make hair strong, resilient, shiny and energized. Amway scientists have recreated the Satinique® collection with a three-part approach to hair wellness – Care, Treat and Style – using the exclusive and patented ENERJUVE technology.
The Satinique® line incorporates botanicals that are known for their natural benefits delivering highly specific advantages from each of the shampoos, conditioners and treatment products. Each of the unique Satinique® formulas contains ENERJUVE, the signature blend of botanicals and nutrients and one of the two custom fragrances created exclusively for the collection. To enhance a natural style—or change it effortlessly, new premium styling products will be available in May 2014.

Exclusive technologies power these treatments to repair and restore hair from past damage and strengthen its defenses against the environment and styling aggressions.
Premium styling products designed to help enhance a natural style – or change it effortlessly. This positively charged technology combines strengthening lipids, reinforcing creatine, and smoothing 18-MEA in a complex that works to correct the negative charge found in damaged hair. Ingredients like kukui seed oil, macadamia nut oil, pomegranate extract and borage oil play key roles in customizing each formula. The formulas are categorized by their benefits and further customized with easily recognizable packaging colors, connoting these benefits.

It penetrates the hair follicle, selectively binds to damaged strands, and rebuilds weak spots to repair and revitalize from the inside out.
Founded in 1959 and based in Ada, Michigan, Amway offers consumer products and business opportunities in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide.

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