A SubAir Elite vault, housing the blower that provides both vacuum and pressure mode, is connected to the piping network. SubAir’s control system is housed in a standard irrigation satellite and is located away from the green.
The SubAir system applies a vacuum within the subsoil drainage pipe network to increase the rate at which water is moved from the surface and through the soil profile.
In the vacuum mode, air and water are moved downward through the soil into the drainage pipes.
This patented assembly separates the air from the water so that the air flows to the SubAir vault and the water drains to the outfall. The management of subsoil moisture also helps with temperature moderation in the entire soil profile. This patented technology creates air movement that provides aeration while moderating temperature in the root zone. The elevation forces the air to flow uphill to the SubAir unit and allows gravity to drain water down to the outfall.

Once the air and water enter the pipe, gravity moves the water down to the outfall and the SubAir moves the air to the back of the green and out through the SubAir exhaust.
These were immense and would certainly be daunting to pull completely (if you wanted to get rid of them, that is) but were wonderful in the saute pan. If they are cooked they don’t need long cooking like the sturdier greens of collards etc. Or boil cream for a few minutes to reduce it slightly, then add greens and simmer until almost no liquid remains.
Installation typically takes one day per unit and can be accomplished with minimal disruption of play. To install SubAir, the course will need USGA specification greens or California style greens. Haven't tried fennel for dipping as whenever we get it I have to braise it - so yummy that way.
This directs the air through the soil profile so it does not escape through an open ended pipe.

Dandelions are a bit bitter, French and Italian cooks and eaters enjoy the bitterness, Americans can sometimes be put off by the bitterness. These components can be installed during construction, during renovation projects, or while the course is open for play. If your family isn’t sure about it, try one of the richer recipes with bacon, or plenty of olive oil and chile flakes for a vegetarian, even vegan, version. Installation does not disrupt play and all the work is performed off the green so it will not interfere with golfers on the course. If you’re sure everyone at your table (including you) will NOT enjoy the dandlelions, find an Italian or French friend who will enjoy how fresh they are.

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