We weren't the biggest fans of Samsung's first Galaxy Gear, but however you feel about it (and the wearable computing phenomenon in general), it's clear that Samsung is willing to iterate quickly to fix the watch's biggest problems.
In the end, iFixit gave the watch an eight out of 10 on its repairability scale, docking points primarily because the LCD panel and the watch's front glass are fused together. To get a fun, hobnail look from your wine bottle simply draw dots with puffy paint or Beads in a Bottle. I made my knobs a bit bigger than I had originally planned and use up 2 tubes and about half of a third. When you’re satisfied that your paint is dry, go over it with a coat of white spray paint. Not having a stencil I was interested in using, I instead busted out some nylon ribbon with these fantastic lattice-like cut outs. Give the bottle an hour or so to dry and use a razor blade to remove any places where your glue accidentally dried on (I had a good number of finger prints to deal with). Since I had some lovely larkspur that I didn’t want to go to waste, I placed a mason jar at the back and tossed them in there! A crafter since her earliest years, Allison spends a little time every day making something. Thanks for Visiting!Amy Bellgardt is a wife, mom, lifestyle & travel blogger, foodie, social media strategist, nerd, coffee drinker and founder of Mom Spark.

That's the thinking behind the Tizen-powered Gear 2 smartwatches the company announced at Mobile World Congress in February—they trailed the original Gear by just a few months, but they aim to fix some of the watch's biggest problems. As advertised, the camera has been moved from the band of the watch to the body, and this makes the band easy to replace without the need for any screwdrivers or other tools.
Four small Torx screws hold the back of the watch to the rest of it, and once you're inside you'll be able to remove the 300 mAh battery easily—it even has a pull tab. Fusing these layers has tangible benefits—it makes the device thinner, and eliminating the traditional air gap between glass and display can help with color, contrast, and clarity—but the tradeoff is that you'll need to replace both layers if you break one of them. I started using puffy paint, but with a dry time of four hours and the fact that I wanted these precious posies in the water long before that, I went the route of beads in a bottle.
Use something (like a roll of tape) to prop the bottle up and keep it from rolling away from you. To adhere a stencil or other item to use as a stencil, hit the back side with a quick spray of re-positionable spray adhesive and place accordingly. These guys are ready to sit and dry all of the way, so let’s hop onto our third and largest wine bottle. She crafts, sews, paints, glues things onto other things, and is a firm believer that a life spent creating is a life worth living. While this is probably the only internal component you'd actually need to replace over the useful life of a watch like this, iFixit was able to remove the camera, main system board, speaker, and the rest of the internal components with tweezers and spudgers—there isn't a lot of glue or specialty screws holding this thing together, which is odd for a product as small and tightly integrated as this one.

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. So I decided to make a sort of boho inspired centerpiece using some wine bottles all fancied up in nothing but white and filled with gorgeous white flowers. The puffy paint is considerably cheaper so I’d go that route if I had a bit more time.
You don’t want to come back to it after a few days, paint it and have the ribbon refuse to come off! The secret to Diamond Dust is that is it not just plastic glitter, rather it is finely ground glass that gives that extra sparkle. A visit to my local florist had me clutching some gorgeous spider mums and a handful of larkspur.
Carefully wrap around your bottle, taking care not to smear the Mod Podge (it will leave visible streaks).

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