It is the highest military award for bravery awarded by a grateful nation, but despite storming a German machine gun post, Thomas Whitham was forced to pawn his hard-won Victoria Cross because his local council would not give him a job.
Private Whitham died following an accident in 1924 while seeking work and was buried at Wheatley Lane Inghamite Burial Ground near Burnley.
Almost 30 years after his death, the Coldstream Guards Association erected a memorial marking Private Whitham's grave. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Due to its breakneck pace and action-heavy storylines, The 100 isn’t exactly a flashback-friendly show.
Both episodes taught us valuable information about the characters they focused on, and allowed us to learn more about the world our heroes came from. However, with two heart-stopping seasons under its belt, we think it’s time The 100 gave us a moment to breathe, and allowed us to learn a little bit more about some key characters and past events that have shaped the show as we know it. The last four episodes of The 100 season 2 will undoubtedly be more fast-paced than ever, as the Grounders and Sky People (hopefully) take down Mount Weather.
Don’t forget that while we have grown to love most of the misfit delinquents, we still don’t know how exactly they ended up as part of the 100 in the first place!
One of the most interesting characters this year is Murphy, whom we’ve come to see in a more sympathetic light after he shared his tragic past with Raven earlier this season. Plus, it’d just be fun to spend some time with some of the side-characters, as they transition from glorified extras to important players in the game. Of course The 100 isn’t a soap opera, and the show has improved tremendously by steering clear of the CW tropes that haunted it in early season 1. A Grounder-centric episode would also give us further insight into how the Grounder society works. We could get an origin story for Indra, learn more about Lincoln’s troubled relationship with his kinsmen, and discover what made these characters who they are. There’s no denying that the most fascinating aspect of The 100 is the Grounder mythology, which we are slowly introduced to as we spend more time with Lexa, Indra, Lincoln and the others. Only 100 years have passed since the nuclear war tore apart the world as we know it, and left the surviving humans (who presumably hid in bunkers) to rebuild in a toxic wasteland.
That’s a very short amount of time to form a whole new society, complete with an original language and belief system. It’d be great to see the writers try to outline the evolution of the Grounders, and show us how the war-torn survivors managed to carve out a living during the first horrible years on the Ground.
Our list of questions only keeps growing the more the world of the show expands, and as we enter the third season of The 100, we’d like to see some of the origin stories shown rather than told.

Of course, despite our desire to explore the world of the show, we love The 100 just the way it is.
But every time the show does do a flashback, it’s usually incredibly informative, and changes our view of the characters in some way.
Gilmore Girls ran through the cell phone evolution from pagers to flip phones to Sidekicks, faxing, texting and more. The Black-White-Read theater may need to borrow a catchphrase of Luke’s when Gilmore Girls returns to Netflix this fall. The last movie Luke saw at the Black-White-Read theater was Pippi Longstocking and we all know how that evening turned out. History does have a knack for repeating itself and so maybe the answer to our questions are buried in Luke and Lorelai’s previous cell phone interruptions. Way back in season 1, when cell phones were the size of bricks and were still on pay by the minute plans, Lorelai received a call informing her that Richard collapsed during the Gilmore Christmas party. Lorelai sets up shop in Luke’s diner, spreading out her work across tables or running phone chords across the counter to the fax line, quite a few times over the series.
Kirk has some charts that can explain what affect the cell phone interruptions are truly doing to this relationship, but hey, I’m trying my best here.
Effect on relationship: The first cell phone interruption of the official relationship allows Lorelai to blame Luke for distracting her enough that she did not screen the call from her mother. Passengers casts Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as a pair of passengers (!) aboard a space vessel aptly dubbed Starship Avalon, transporting a group of colonists to a brave new planet.
Public health bosses in the North West noted that life expectancy aged 85 was 'going backwards'. A 16-year-old girl used her last words after being stabbed in her Los Angeles-area home to scream the name of the ex-boyfriend she broke up with two weeks ago, helping make him a suspect in her death Friday.The girl's screams woke her mother up and roused neighbors from sleep just after 3 am in the quiet neighborhood in Pico Rivera, about 10 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, Lt. Elena 'Lily' Moore staggered upstairs to her mother's bedroom around 3:15am on Friday after having been stabbed and screamed her ex-boyfriend's name'She was yelling and screaming his name.
Kara Wilson, a 15-year-old Palm Bay, Florida, girl who said she was online friends with Elena, said Elena never mentioned a boyfriend and that she's in shock over her death.'At first I didn't believe it happened to her so I tried to call her,' Kara said.
Private Whitham dodged bullets and shells while under heavy fire to capture the German machine gun at Pilckem, near Ypres in Belgium on July 31, 1917. Burnley Council redeemed Private Whitham's medal and watch from the pawnbroker in 1931, seven years after his death.However, Private Whitham's son William spent decades trying to convince Burnley Council to return the medal to the family so they could present it to the Coldstream Guards Museum. The Commons heard that Mr Whitham almost secured his father's medal for A?50 in 1948 when a change of council leadership scuppered the deal. And we’re sure a few massive twists will once again shake up the world, in anticipation of the third season of the show.

Maybe we could find out how Lexa was chosen as the next Commander, how she united the 12 tribes, how she lost Costia, and how this all affected her bond with Anya.
There’s so much Grounder history to explore, and a flashback episode would probably only scratch the surface! All of this is what we’ve been told, but what are the human stories at the core of this development?
We can therefore assume that his grandparents were around when the bombs hit and the Ark station was formed. Their children would be born deformed and broken, but a few would have been unaffected by the radiation, and these were allowed to live, being raised to breed a new race of humans. Why are they fighting each other at all, considering how precious a healthy human life must have been to the original war survivors who realized that humanity was suddenly a threatened species? It also sets up a series of circumstances that lead to Lorelai giving Luke his signature blue baseball cap. Sometimes calls come through and result in a scolding, other times, Luke is too preoccupied to even notice, much to Lorelai’s dismay. It’s nice to have someone around for that and someone who will defend your relationship to the town on public record. Half a million fewer people are now getting vital care services, which means more are ending up in hospital or getting stuck in hospital when they dona€™t need to be there.Professor John Newton, Chief Knowledge Officer at Public Health England acknowledged that although there had been a fall in life expectancy in women in 2012, early analysis suggested it hadna€™t continued into 2013. Yet, Burnley Council redeemed the medal, gold watch and a clock in 1931 and put them on display in Towneley Hall in the town. Everyone loves Murphy, and we think an episode showing him going from a normal teenager to a rage-filled sociopath would go over very well with the audience. The 100 novel author Kass Morgan knows that better than anybody – her own twist on Bellamy’s parentage was quite a gamechanger!
Unlike in space, where the 12 tribes banded together to survive, on the ground the 12 tribes broke apart, and have only recently reunited.
Regardless of the rules set in place, there is always one person who will break them– Lorelai Gilmore.
He was a nice guy, but I mean from what I've seen from him, he was always wearing very dark clothes. It’s all very Battlestar Galactica, and we want to see the writers’ take on it!

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