We asked listeners to post facebook pics of their children today on the first day of school.
I think it's safe to say you would be ready for your fun vacation when it kicks off this way! This Southwest flight attendant has been circling the web the last few days becoming internet FAMOUS because of his impressions.
Packer fan vows to continue drinking for upcoming season despite wife's threat to leave him.
It looks like the folks who made 2 Chainz's shirt used some of Hailee Steinfeld's leftover fabric.

Somebody should tell Rihanna if she can take the microphone away from her mouth while singing and it sounds the same it's not singing. Wanna see a behind the scenes look at how they do it and get more info on this crazy "sport"? She posted it on Facebook and said within two hours people from all over were commenting on it.
The woman said she had to shut down her Facebook, turn off her email and even got a call from a lawyer in Atlanta that wanted to use the photo. Just about the time you think you've seen it all they've merged a couple of sports that you'd never think to see together.

A He was there to present the moonman for Best Video of the Year, but presented in character!
A It looks like youtube star CemreCandar enjoys taking videos of himself bathing in different things. They were at the Indiana State Fair patrolling in a golf cart and must have had some down town.

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