Focus on lower price and genuine iPhone 6 LCD display replacement with digitizer glass panel assembly, we use genuine LCD panel with touch screen digitizer for displaying image and adopt first rate quality front glass panel to laminate into one unite via advanced technology.
The iPhone 6 LCD display replacement has good brightness and clear image displaying effect, sensitive touch response and crystal clear glass panel, it works so well just like the original standard. Replace or cure any screen issues like malfunctions, discoloration, dead pixels, inky spots, white and black display issue, slow and unresponsive touch and broken or damaged LCD touch screen or glass, etc.

From LCD panel, touch panel, glass, to all parts, our QC take strict measures to test and check every details according to our quality system management, make sure function, display and exterior design is in good condition! And also the frame is pre-installed over the edge of LCD display, it’s for iPhone 6 LCD display replacement with digitizer glass panel assembly. 7 inch) LCD digitizer assemblies can replace or repair almost any display and screen issues, such as white screen, no display, inky spots, dead pixel, malfunctions, have grid and zebra stripes, unresponsive touch, scratched glass, damage done to the LCD panel, etc.

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