When your Dock Connector is damaged you might not be able to charge your iPhone 4, replacing this part will mean you can charge the battery and use the iPhone fully.
You will get a brand-new high quality charging port which will fix the issues you are experiencing with your iPhone 4. If you own an iPhone 4 and have a fault with it and you do not know what the fault is by looking at the repairs on the website, then select this option and we will diagnose the fault with your iPhone 4 even if it appears dead. Very quick service repair on the screen was done in less than 2 hours of the iPad being received. This was the first time I have used a repair service for my iphone 4 and I must admit I was initially very wary about sending my phone away for repair. Have you dropped your Apple iPhone 4 only to discover the front glass had cracked or shattered? Once repaired our qualified iPhone engineers will then soak test the iPhone to ensure everything is working properly. We offer the complete turnaround service from start to finish to make your repair as easy as possible, collection, repair with warranty and return. If you need any further information at all regarding any of our repair services just call and talk to one of our team, we are more than happy to help.
We understand that sometimes people just dont have time so why not let us do all the work, collection can be arranged from home or work under your instruction. Brand New High Quality iPhone 4 Antenna Flex Cable Quality material, premium craftsmanship.

If your looking for quality parts for your Apple product then you have come to the right place.
You should book this repair if your iPhone is not charging, is unable to connect to iTunes, or your charging port is damaged internally. You should book this repair if your power button or lock button has become sticky, stiff or completely unresponsive or your iPhone 4 wont power on at all. You should book this iPhone 4 repair if your home button is hard to press, no longer works, sometimes works or you can not activate Siri. You should book this repair if you can not hear the caller, calls are of low volume, distorted or you can not hear at all through the ear speaker at the top of your iPhone 4. You should book this repair if your iPhone 4 front facetime camera no longer works, images are out of focus or blurred.
Youshould book this repair if your rear camera does not work, images are out of focus, blurred or the flash no longer works.
You should book this repair if your volume buttons donot work, are sticking and you can not turn the volume up or down whilst on a call or playing music, video or games. You should book this repair for your iPhone 4 with a faulty headphone jack if you can not play music through the headphones, or get constant headphone mode when adjusting the volume up or down. You will get a brand new high quality screen which will remedy the issues you are experiencing with your phone.
You should book this iPhone repair if your silent switch has become stiff or does not work at all in silent mode.

If your battery no longer holds a good charge, does not charge at all or if your iPhone 4 wont power on at all. Choose from a variety of bright, vibrant colours to make your iPhone or iPad truly unique – including our exclusive electric blue which you won’t find anywhere else! If you would like to know more about our repair services or want to talk to us directly and find our premises please don’t hesitate to contact us. My home key needed replacing and I sent my phone to iphone surgery next day record delivery on the thursday.
You are welcome to bring it in to us directly, or if you preffer we offer a mail in option. On the Saturday I received my iphone 4 looking better than it has ever looked and working like a new machine. Parts For iPhone is also able to offer on site repairs for the above products in London, Dartford, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Leeds.

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