Please use new inking roller ,or clear the used inking roller and printing form thoroughly, otherwise very little colored printing ink will a ffect invisible effect.. If you want to have a better effect ,need to take the printing material ,printing technology, the lathework and character on the product into consideration. UV fluorescent ink is the most mature security inks in current market, to be made by adding the corresponding visible fluorescent compounds in the ink. From the excitation in the form of color change, it can be divided into UV invisible fluorescent ink, UV invisible fluorescent ink, and UV discoloration fluorescent ink. Pattern or text printed with this ink is invisible in appearance, but reveal and gives off a clear bright fluorescent under UV irradiation.

The packaging printing industries with high security requirement such as currency, passport, certificate, cigarette,alcohol, cosmetics, medicine etc. Any kind of printing way suitable, offset, UV offset, letterpress, UV flexo printing, silk-screen printing, UV silk-screen, water-based silk-screen,  transfer printing, gravure, spray printing, stamp. For Silk-screen printing, the substrate can be paper, plastic, nylon, ABS, PET, PP, metal, glass etc. Colorless- Yellow, Colorless- Orange, Colorless- Red, Colorless-blue, Colorless-Yellow Green, Colorless-Emerald Green, Colorless- Grass Green, Colorless- Dark Green, Colorless- Emerald Blue, Colorless- Reddish Blue, Colorless- Black, Colorless- White.
Printed Sample with this ink can excite the fluorescent in 365nm (long wave) or 254nm (short wave ) lengths of UV light.

Therefore it is widely used in anti-counterfeiting packaging printing of domestic and foreign medicine, tobacco or other industries.

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