The revolutionary UNO push-button small offset press from Shinohara was the focus of intense interest at last week’s Print05 in Chicago. The UNO is the latest in the range of Shinohara presses that cover the spectrum in size and configurations. With its own developed S-NET workflow system, Shinohara provides printers with state of the art integrated technology.
The Shinohara Color Control Station (SCCS) is at the heart of a closed-loop system that helps to ensure consistent colour densities over the course of a print run. According to Robinson, Print05 was buzzing with the industry’s re-discovery of in-line coating. To receive notification of comments made to this article, you can also provide your email address below. Interesting article that basically challenges the long held general belief of small business that survival (as distinct from growth) is uppermost and is dependent on revenue generation (writing orders).
Glad to see that James is still trying to inject some accountabilty from the Government in this case, but I fear based on past history little will be done to address the issues raised in this article.

However it does us all good to see there is a "White Night" in Sir James looking after the interest of the printing industry in general. First displayed at IGAS two years ago, the single cylinder press represents the future of small offset, according to Bernie Robinson, general manager Currie & Company, the Shinohara agent in Australia. From a normally configured 52 (370 x 520), through to a 66 (508 x 660), 75 (520 x 750) and 79 (600 x 790), Shinohara provides from two- to eight colour presses in high-, mid-, and low-pile versions for most sizes. To prevent unnecessary colour shifting, a colour control bar on the target proof is scanned before the start of print job and used as a standard against which to compare colour density throughout the run. Many presses from different manufacturers displayed inline coaters including Shinohara, which had a six-colour press with cold UV interdeck driers and a UV coating unit at the end.
Since Shinohara presses utilize cold UV drying, they can also be used for special types of production, such as printing onto plastic. The doctor blade creates an even layer of varnish on the sheet, assuring high-quality coating.
Prior to sustainability issues has been the challenge of SME's to adopt WHS (OH&S) compliance in a way other than as an impost to the business.

One of Australia’s most popular press brands Shinohara has long been recognised as a technology benchmark setter.
The unit also features an automatic preparation unit and automatic washing, turning operations that used to be extremely time-consuming into simple touch-panel procedures that save time and trouble (wash time: about six minutes). In reality those who embed the broad objectives of WHS into the processes of their business quickly come to recognise the productivity gains this brings - sustainability is no different. The entire surface of the sheet can be coated, or spot coating can be used with the application of a convex resin plate. Those who recognise and move to triple bottom line accountability (fiscal, environmental and social objectives) provide their business with the best opportunity of improving productivity and staying most relevant to the client base. The most difficult aspect for most SME owners is to shift their mindset and that of their team from traditional to progressive thinking.

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