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Kakuniezti has uploaded an amazing video tutorial on YouTube with the help of that you can build your own auto LED lighting stairs. Instructables member Quanchante shared an interesting project of building a relatively cheap and pretty darn easy-to-assemble step lights made out of LEDs. Those who are having foot lights in their stairway, then acme663ryo has an interesting stuff for you. Instructables member ganglion from England installed some LED stair lighting on his stairs. We have seen other stair lighting systems like this one that have the wires run in a small channel down the edge of the stairs.
An automatic stair lighting system is one which lights each step LED when a user starts to climb or descend.  Erica Kane has developed a similar Open Source DIY Automated LED Stair Lighting system using an Arduino Pro Mini, a M5451 LED Display Driver to power the LEDs and a PING ultrasound distance sensors to detect when someone enters the stairwell.

In the above video, acme663ryo demonstrates his build with a Dell power supply driving 11.5 V to approximately 35 LED lights. According to acme663ryo, your foot lights are having epoxy pools of glass in the knot holes. Check out the video of the Reactive Lighting stair lighting system they install for their lucky customers. This allows the wires to be hidden without the need for drilling holes in the walls and fishing the wires in the walls to power.
Le soir (moteur froid) en repartant, plus un bruit mais en arrivant chez moi, le bruit etait revenu. These can be triggered by any light motion sensor, which in turn drives a solid state relay. Austin demonstrates how the stair lighting controller can easily be configured by just flipping a few switches.

To make things a bit simpler he decided to only light every second step and simply run the wires on the edge of the stairs from top to bottom.
Whenever the beam detects something interrupts (like feet) then the stairs light up, and after a 15 second delay, the lights will then automatically turn off. Ce bruit n'a ete present qu'une journee, Et en lisant les differents post, j'ai vu que ca pouvait venir du separateur d'huile.J'ai voulu le changer aujourd'hui mais je n'ai pas reussi a le trouver en passant par la trappe superieure. The relay during its active cycle switches your DC power supply ON and through which you can connect your LED lights.

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