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When infrared energy strikes an object it may be absorbed, transmitted, or reflected from the surface.
Our ceramic infrared heaters (emitters) are manufactured with three basic emitter faces: Concave, Flat and Convex. The tungsten filament used in these heaters is the porcupine or star type coil, which can be operated at temperatures up to 1500°C (2732°F), with peak wavelength emissions of approximately 1.6 microns. As well as having excellent structural rigidity, this coil is designed to minimize light output and maximize IR emission thereby increasing IR radiant efficiency.
These heaters are filled with halogen gas to allow the supported tungsten filament to reach temperatures as high as 2600°C (4712°F). Increasing infrared heat efficiency, the coil is designed to minimize light output and maximize emissions. Long Wave Ceramic Infrared Emitters are robust, standardized and very competitively priced. Due to their broad emissivity; long life, easy interchangeability and exact positioning solid ceramic emitters are used in many different applications. Hollow Ceramic Emitters are manufactured with a rear hollow that serves as a thermal barrier. Even if it is possible to reach almost the same energy efficiency with solid ceramic emitters by using reflectors, hollow ceramic emitters have the advantage of operating efficiently also without reflectors. This is an important fact because the reflector's efficiency can rapidly decrease due to contamination, aggressive media and extreme heat. Due to the volume of the installed hollow the hollow ceramic emitters are thicker than the solid emitters and are always in flat format. The Bulb Emitter with E27-Edison screw fitting is an easily installable hollow ceramic emitter version that is especially used in the animal breeding sector.

Different IR-systems with ceramic emitters are becoming well established in various industrial sectors. The polished aluminium coated surface of the reflectors provides an optimum reflection of the heat radiation. For the bulb-shaped emitters temperature resistant porcelain holders are essential in order to prevent melt. The ceramic terminal block is used in busbar distribution systems or with stainless steel inserts for the direct connection.
Buzz Bars (8 x 2.0 mm) can be used with ceramic terminal blocks to provide a flexible and maintenance-free power distribution system.
Can be used to connect power leads to busbar distribution systems in combination with a fixing screw (supplied).
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This paint is designed to be visible under infrared light, making it useful for everything from military settings a€” in which infrared light is used for night vision and other purposes a€” to security and even fun. These emitter face styles will result in the specific radiant emission pattern as shown in our "Technical Letters" section below. These ensure that a radiation output of over 95 % can be directed to the front of the emitting surface. Classic examples of useage are found in plastics thermoforming, pre-heating and drying during printing and paint curing.
The corresponding holders already exist as well as the 1.5 m connecting lead with flexible metal conduit.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Retailers can protect themselves from barcode theft by covering their products' barcodes with black infrared paint. Go to NPH's  ceramic infrared emitters technical manual for information on the properties for the above sources. Non-industrial applications include infrared saunas, patio heat emitters or thermal bridges for keeping food hot.

The latter changes colour in hot conditions so that individual failed emitters can be quickly located within a platen structure.
Finally due to the already "installed" radiation efficiency, the element is less dependent on the reflector's perfect functioning.
This guarantees quick reaction times and repeatable measurements, as well as interchangeability with other emitters.
The latter are principally reflectors with a cabinet which allows a use as stand-alone solution. Barcode scanners use infrared light, so the code will still be scannable, but thieves will not be able to copy the bar code in order to swap it out for the code on a more expensive item.
This includes how efficient each of the above sources is, there physical strength, maximum temperature, heat up and cool down times and color sensitivity. The concave surface will emit a concentrated radiant pattern which is highly effective when zone heating is desired as well as radiant heating in general. Reflectors, however, are often integrated as components in larger systems, platens or racks.
Infrared, IR, paint can also be used to encode secret messages and do other playful things and require the use of IR light. Flat surface emitters will produce a uniform pattern for even heating at a close proximity between the emitter and the target being heated.
This paint comes in different colors, including paint that appears black in regular light but shines with a silvery hue when viewed under infrared. Finally, the convex shaped emitter gives off a wide area pattern which is desirable in comfort heating or other applications that require a dispersed  radiant emission pattern.

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