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La sterilisation par rayonnement ultraviolet est une methode de sterilisation reposant sur la sensibilite des microorganismes a l'exposition aux basses longueurs d'ondes des ultraviolets. L'utilisation des basses longueurs d'ondes des ultraviolets affecte l'integrite des genomes des organismes exposes par l'accumulation de dommages tels que l'apparition de dimeres de pyrimidines. Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. As I sit and reflect on this event and what came afterwards I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words. Back in 2015 Detailed Designs Auto Spa performed a full body Xpel Stealth clear bra wrap on a Rhodium Silver Porsche 991 GT3 (which you can read about HERE).
One other mention was made about potentially supporting the live auction with a donation that went towards the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
The organizers were pleased to have us as a part of the event and I made sure my staff and I were there to support it the best way we could; with our donation and brief, but safe maintenance washes.
Peterson(this guy eats more in a single sitting than 2 full grown men…you see those 2 burgers there? Merit Partners -click the link to see some fine automobiles available for purchase from MP!
After telling a teenager to have a sit in the car at the show, the owner tossed me the keys and said, “have fun!” (lol!
Part of our 21-stage cleaning is a hand wash with gentle wash mitts and our custom blended shampoo. The whole body was machine polished to remove superficial defects and bring the surface to a beautiful luster prior to installing clear bra. Part of the prep for the clear bra installation was removal of some reasonable to remove parts. Detailed Designs Auto Spa was the first detailing company in North America to import and modify programmable KRAUSS short-wave infrared lamps. All said and done, the project was picked up after we performed a new car prep, paint correction, an extensive full body Xpel clear bra wrap, wheels coated with Modesta and body coated with Modesta BC-05. It was a great experience supporting the Smokies GT3 event with onsite washes, answering technical questions and donating this service to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and we look forward to supporting the event in the future!

If you’re hunting for quality protection or restoration services for your fine automobile, give Detailed Designs Auto Spa a call or check out our website HERE. Cette methode est utilisee dans les laboratoires de recherche pour preparer les plans de travail steriles, pour la conservation des aliments, ou encore la purification de l'air ou l'eau. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. Most openings to articles are supposed to have some kind of flair to them to engage a reader.
Some of the owner’s buddies, who are Porsche owners, saw the project and decided to reach out to us to see if we wanted to participate in supporting their Smokies GT3 event that was to be held in a few months. The staff at The Ridges Resort & Marina were very helpful to us in getting set up and working with us while we stole the whole lower parking lot. My guys loved the experience because it was fun(and they were deep in OT for the whole event -lol) and I enjoyed stretching my onsite detailing legs that had not seen action for years. At the start, I felt as if I could have a real impact by getting half of that and then it would be a meaningful donation. Within 2 weeks of arriving, I was picking the car up at the Caffeine and Octane car show in Atlanta and driving it back to the shop to begin on this epic project. While this was not our advanced full body clear bra wrap, we do remove parts that are easy to remove as it’s just the right way to do a full body clear bra wrap. We knew just a single layer of clear bra may not be enough so we layered additional clear film that was 20 mils thick on top of the 8 mil thick clear bra for a total of 28 mils of protection for the most exposed areas.
Modesta BC-05 requires short-wave infrared lamp curing to begin the curing process at the base of the coating where it meets the substrate.
Les ultraviolets sont connus pour leur caractere mutagene depuis le debut du xxe siecle, et le prix Nobel de medecine de Niels Finsen. All the infrared dryers incorporate the latest technology in shortwave IR lamps allowing quick, economical and convenient drying of primers, sealers, top coats, clear lacquers and water based paints. But even after cutting all the fat off of this story what I am left with is appreciation that my company, Detailed Designs Auto Spa, was ask to support Smokies GT3 event and that we were able to generate such a healthy donation for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. So I did some reading, watched a few videos and knew that it was an organization that deserved whatever we could afford. But going into the last day there was a banquette and live auction to support the cystic fibrosis foundation and this was what I had been looking forward to the most.
But after speaking with an organizer who had 2 children afflicted with this disease, I was moved to do a bit more.

The following parts were removed before the body was wrapped with clear bra: headlights, taillights, front side markers, rear sticker, rear quarter vent intakes, rear engine lid spoiler and mounting points.
The total curing process takes 2 weeks but before a Modesta project leaves the base of the coating is completely cured ensuring a long term bond!
Anyone can detail a car, but to put your time and efforts toward a cause really shows the true character of a business. I suppose I will start with how things began and the story will end with an extensive Porsche 991 GT3RS project that we performed paint correction, a full body Xpel clear bra wrap, Modesta wheel and caliper coating and Modesta BC-05 glass paint coating on. As this a disease that primarily affects young children, and having 2 kids myself, this struck a nerve with me.
Removing these parts allow us to give a far better looking installation with better protection. Modesta is a real glass coating system that increases gloss and luster, provides chemical resistance, is easier to keep clean(and easier TO clean) and protects much better than any wax or sealant does.
These are portable units with wide angle reflectors, timers and can access hard to reach areas.
They had hopes of getting $10k from the auction to go towards CFF, so I offered to perform our track package clear bra installation and Modesta wheel, caliper and body coating.
These programmable lights heat the surfaces to precisely 140 degrees for the designated timeframe.
A number of models are available from a simple hand held unit to a fully automatic large unit. I wanted to do everything possible to help SmokiesGT3 reach their target so I upgraded the donation to a new car prep, paint correction, full body Xpel clear bra wrap, Modesta on the wheels and calipers and Modesta on the body of the car.
The advanced models incorporate temperature and distance sensors and automatic shut off system that prevents overheating of sensitive paints. With a retail value of about $10,000, all we needed were some generous bidders to make this happen! Shortwave IR lamps are used that are highly energy efficient thereby resulting in reduced curing times. The low and high temperature automatic switch is specially set due to the very quick heating speed ofHalogen lamp panel10.

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