These GIFs are usually made in Photo Mode by recording that instance and then creating an animated GIF from it. This GIF not only show the destruction in inFamous: Second Son, we can spot reflections in real-time on the shattered glass.
The way Photo Mode is integrated in inFamous: Second Son, it honestly feels like we hit the pause button in a time machine, because everything around us comes to a halt but the particle effects remain there, and we have full freedom to take our screenshots in this state. What is it with dumb as bricks microsoft fanboys being constantly WRONG over and over again? Everyone clearly forgot that halo 3, odst, reach, and now 4 all had a replay mode where this was possible.
I didnt even mention titanfall,I was just telling how i felt about the game, then this Reason Freeman guy suddenly attacks me with titanfall.

Definitely the best looking game so far on next gen, until The Order 1886 or Naughty Dog’s next game! I admit, I’ve played maybe 20-30mins of Infamous and played all the way through Ryse, but to me Ryse looks far better.
Nah, Ryse just does a good job at highlighting stuff, you don’t see many close ups in Infamous. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.
This not only started a surge of spectacular looking screenshots of the game, it also resulted in these insanely detailed GIFs. But when I switched to playing the story missions and just the district missions that I came across, the flow of the game became very enjoyable.

Even the developers of inFamous: Second Son were surprised to see the efforts made by fans to create these GIFs. I loved Uncharted series, motorstorm series, but infamous series i always thought was average.But it looks absolutely stunning , no doubt.
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Uv nail wipes
Dying light 9mm pistol

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  1. shahrukhkhan
    Are exposed to the UV light and the the parts harder against plastic resin compound that melts.
  2. Ebru
    And was planning on the super glue fix or something like.