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We arrived at our bathroom or kitchen and realize that it is no longer the nice new space once was.
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Notes: Can be converted to accept screw (E27) or E26 (for use in USA) lamp holders if required. Bulkhead lights salvaged from Czechoslovakia with polished aluminium enclosures and etched glass. A decorative opaline glass enclosure from the 1930s with an original polished copper gallery. British industrial fittings by 'Benjamin' salvaged from the Douglas motorcycle factory in Bristol UK. Please credit my blog and provide a link when re-posting to your blog, website, pinterest etc. Please ask permission to use complete blog posts with my original written text, instructions or photos for web, tv or print use.

Vitreous enamelled spun steel shades complete with manufactures labels and upper vents to provide a degree of uplighting with original brushed and lacquered steel galleries. Supplied with new bayonet (B22) lamp holders, 2mtrs of industrial steel suspension chain, elephant grey braided cable and ceiling mounting plate.

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