The ZigZagZig Steampunk Wall Sconce Lamp affixes to the wall and makes the perfect addition to any hallway, corridor, flat sided column or as dual accent on either side of room’s center focal point such as a desk, sofa or fireplace.
We capture the industrial antique theme for any setting bringing together what appear to be random pieces into an elegant and fully functional lamp. Meticulously crafted to preserve the look of early 20th century lighting, our lamps provide an excellent accent to any contemporary or vintage decor.

All lamps are custom assembled in our New Jersey facility and are shipped via UPS or USPS Priority Mail.
Our vintage looking light bulbs provide a warm amber glow with a hand woven filament for an ambiance that sets a welcoming tone for any classic interior. Perfect for the adventurous homeowner or commercial decorator for use in store window displays, hotels, restaurants, and other Steampunk themed venues.

Stained glass adhesive paper
Air purification- crystal rock lamps
Optical adhesive film online
Uv protection glass art

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