In funzione delle qualita ottiche e meccaniche delle varie parti sopra descritte si avranno, poi, strumenti piu o meno sensibili che comunemente vengono classificati come spettrofotometri per analisi o di routine. Dalla  sorgente la radiazione passa attraverso la fenditura ed e inviata al monocromatore mediante lo specchio.
Invia un esercizioQuesta sezione e dedicata allo svolgimento di esercizi di chimica o problemi di qualsiasi difficolta.
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Upon the loading of S1 (the extract of the plant leaves in hexane), a yellow band appeared at the top part of the silica column immediately after the solvent level descended to just above the sand layer.
This poor separation was probably due to the close polarity of the green and the yellow compounds, but the reason was also highly likely that I added the 10 mL of eluent directly with a beaker, instead of adding slowly with a dropper in a circular manner. Another band, which was also the highest, was yellow as well, and appeared to reside constantly at the very top of the column. The pattern of two peaks at 400+ nm and 600+ nm respectively is adopted by the spectra of both chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b, as can be seen from the literature result in Figure 2.3 Therefore, it is certain that S3 contained chlorophylls. Now the problem remains that whether both chlorophylls a and b were present in S3, and whether there were impurities present.
However, the ‘major’ peak at 410 nm was at a wavelength shorter than any of the individual?max of chlorophylls a and b.
According to colours and Rf values of plant pigments summarised by University of Pittsburgh at Bradford7, the grey pigment was likely to be pheophytin a, and the yellow spot at the bottom of S1 may consisted of various xanthophylls.
In conclusion, of the two samples collected from column chromatography, S2 contained almost pure beta carotene, while S3 was confirmed to contain various impurities other than chlorophylls a and b. Nella lampada a idrogeno la radiazione e originata da una scarica elettrica che si fa avvenire in una camera contenente idrogeno sotto pressione. La radiazione monocromatica viene selezionata tramite la fenditura e inviata al partitore di raggi. Si parla di effetto batocromo (red shift) o effetto ipsocromo causati da questi gruppi se gli spostamenti dei massimi sono rispettivamente verso maggiori o minori lunghezze d’onda e di effetto ipercromico o ipocromico se si ha rispettivamente aumento o diminuzione di intensita. Two different excitation wavelengths enable analysis of compounds such as fluorescein, chlorophyll, or GFP.

The transmitted light then passes through a high-quality diffraction grating and the diffracted light is sorted and collected by the linear CCD array detector. The labs include ready-to-use student instructions and you can adapt them to your curriculum.
This yellow band later developed to about 2 centimetres long, and moved downwards almost as quickly as the eluent (hexane). As a result, on the first impact between the sand layer and the falling eluent, a small amount of air was inevitably introduced into the silica gel. This suggested that it consisted of very polar compounds that clung tightly to the static phase. This is in good agreement with the literature peak wavelengths of beta carotene in hexane given by Jeffery2, i.e. The literature wavelengths of absorption maxima   (?max)  of chlorophyll a are 430 nm and 662 nm, and?max of chlorophyll b are 453 nm and 642 nm. This suggests that the S3 does not contain only chlorophylls a and b, because if we assume that chlorophylls a and b were the only solute in S3, then the overall absorbance at a given wavelength would be a linear combination of the individual absorbances of chlorophylls a and b at this wavelength6, the coefficients being their respective concentrations, i.e. However, it can still used to confirm that S2 contained the least polar pigment, beta carotene, and S3 contained chlorophylls. How can a scanning spectrophotometer be used to analyze the purified pigments that were separated using TLC?
Scott has always been a a€?hands-ona€? scientist with a remarkable record of accomplishments in chromatography ranging from hardware design to the development of fundamental theory. Quest’ultimo indica il minimo intervallo tra due lunghezze d’onda assorbite indispensabile perche queste possano essere rivelate dallo strumento. Dalla sorgente la radiazione e inviata alla fenditura con un sistema di specchi; la fenditura non deve essere troppo sottile per non creare fenomeni di diffrazione.
Esistono poi dei gruppi detti auxocromi che, pur non avendo assorbimenti intensi, provocano notevoli effetti ipercromici quando sono adiacenti o coniugati ad altri cromofori. Ha superato il concorso ordinario per esami e titoli per l'insegnamento di Chimica e Tecnologie Chimiche. This band was possibly beta carotene, as beta carotene is a non-polar molecule, and interacts well with the non-polar solvent, but poorly with the polar static phase (SiO2). Although the sand layer was later tapped to be level again, air bubbles were sealed inside the column, and moved downwards with the eluent. The eluent was changed to 100% ethyl acetate to increase its mobility until it was collected. Therefore, the peak at 454 nm in the spectrum of S3 is reasoned to be contributed by chlorophyll b, and the peak at 664 nm contributed by chlorophyll a. The yellow spot at the bottom of S1 corresponded to the third and fourth colour bands in the column chromatography. The apparent presence of impurities was mainly due to poor separation caused by bubbles introduced into the column upon the top-up of the eluent. He has never shied away from questioning a€?conventional wisdoma€? and his original approach to problems has often produced significant breakthroughs.
Dalla fenditura la radiazione giunge al monocromatore che puo essere un prisma o un reticolo. Alternativamente, poi, i raggi uscenti rispettivamente dal campione o dal riferimento sono trasmessi al rivelatore.
However, these two bands were very close together, forming a rather continuous band, as no apparent boundary was observed between them.

Jeffery2 also points out a region where the slope is smaller than its neighbour points at around 422 nm.
There was also an apparent grey spot in the route of S1, which was not discovered in column chromatography. On the other hand, as a way to improve the experimental methodology, the elution could be divided into more steps, with a different eluent used in each step, in order to facilitate good separation. Uscita dal monocromatore la radiazione passa nuovamente attraverso la fenditura che ha ora lo scopo di lasciar passare solo la frequenza richiesta e di riflettere tutto il resto dello spettro. Le operazioni necessarie per la registrazione di uno spettro con uno spettrofotometro a doppio raggio sono simili a quelle per lo strumento a raggio singolo. No colour band was seen above this yellow band, but in the meantime, a dark green layer was seen attached to the top of the upper sea sand layer, which meant that there were pigments with higher polarity in the extract that did not dissolve substantially in hexane. Bubbles and cracks often cause poor separation.1 Nevertheless, the green band was collected on the basis of an estimated boundary and labelled S3. This grey pigment should have been drained out completely before the collection of S3, due to its significantly lower polarity than chlorophylls shown here by TLC.
Also, TLC is best to be run before the column chromatography to indicate what colour bands are to be expected.
La radiazione monocromatica cosi ottenuta attraversa il campione in esame e, all’uscita dallo stesso, e analizzata dal rivelatore che puo essere un fototubo o una fotocellula. La registrazione dello spettro e in questo caso automatica ed e, quindi, necessario fissare a priori il tempo di scansione  delle frequenze, cioe la velocita con cui si vuole ottenere lo spettro che deve essere compatibile con la sensibilita dello strumento e adeguata all’impiego che si desidera fare con lo spettro ottenuto. However, the path of S3 also showed a faint grey, which indicated that the separation of the grey pigment and the chlorophylls was not satisfactory due to the bubbles and cracks. Per registrare uno spettro si pone la sostanza da analizzare sciolta nel solvente opportuno nella cella di quarzo; in un’altra cella identica si pone il solo solvente. Gli spettri elettronici delle molecole organiche rivelano essenzialmente gli assorbimenti dovuti a elettroni impegnati in legami multipli e a doppietti elettronici non impegnati in legami. The discrepancies between the experimental results and the literature values may be due to small amount of impurities that had similar polarity with beta carotene or different properties of spectrophotometers, as well as minor difference in the composition of the solvent, as it was a mixture of various isomers of hexane, and may differ in this experiment and Jeffery’s.
Therefore, there must be pigments other than chlorophylls a and b which absorbed light significantly at below 430 nm. Intercettando il raggio si azzera lo strumento sullo zero di trasmittanza; ponendo la cella con il solo solvente sul cammino del raggio si impone una trasmittanza del 100% eliminando cosi l’effetto dovuto all’assorbimento del solvente. Mentre per le molecole semplici la relazione tra posizione dell’assorbimento e assegnazione alla corrispondente transizione elettronica e evidente, nelle molecole complesse tale relazione e spesso empirica ed e necessario conoscere a fondo l’assorbimento dei cromofori piu comuni per poter sfruttare lo spettro in problemi di determinazione di struttura. As a large absorbance in the violet region tends to make the colour of the sample more yellowish (violet and yellow are complementary colours), we may expect the impurities to come from the yellow band above the green band in the column chromatography, since the two bands were poorly separated. Si sostituisce alla cella contenente il solo solvente quella contenente il campione da esaminare e si osserva la trasmittanza segnata dall’ago dello strumento. In tabella vengono riportati alcuni cromofori organici con l’assegnazione della transizione responsabile dell’assorbimento. Riportando in un grafico in ascissa le lunghezze d’onda e in ordinata le percentuali di trasmissione, si costruisce per punti lo spettro ultravioletto della sostanza.

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