Members of Students Working for Equal Rights celebrated a landmark victory when Governor Rick Scott signed off on a new law that allows undocumented students to apply for in-state tuition at public colleges and universities in Florida. The Postsecondary Tuition Bill, or SB 1400, states that undocumented students who attended a Florida high school for three years prior to graduation now qualify for a waiver that eliminates the out-of-state differential in tuition costs. While the University became the first public institution in Florida to offer a non-resident tuition waiver to undocumented students during Fall 2013, SB 1400 makes this policy a statewide standard as of July 1, 2014.
Ediberto Roman, professor at the FIU College of Law, says the push for the University to offer the waiver early came not only from the need for education equality in South Florida, but the courage and foresight of university leaders, including former-provost Douglas Wartzok and professor of linguistics Edward Erazo. Starting this fall, undocumented students will only have to pay in-state tuition, which is one-third the cost of out-of-state tuition at FIU. Along with their political efforts, SWER offers a variety of services to undocumented students on campus. In the wake of their victory with SB 1400, members of SWER at the University feel it is time to pursue a federal law guaranteeing in-state tuition for undocumented students everywhere.
About UsFIU Student Media is the student media department of the Florida International University in Miami, FL. With the help of law professor Juan Gomez, the University’s chapter holds clinics to help students apply to become DACAmented. It combines the newspaper, The Beacon, which edited and produced by undergraduate students at FIU and is published Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays during the regular academic year and WRGP, the student-ran radio station, which runs 24 hours, seven days a week.
The organization also offers retreats where students in the group learn leadership skills, politics, and share their stories with one another. Boston University by Joy Miller Boston College (BC) and Boston University (BU) sometimes are confused as being the same college.

So, whether you live in-state or out-of-state, you’ll pay about $40,000 per year to attend either college. The following data then may help you decide which school fits in better with your plans and goals. For example, to get into Boston College, you have to have a higher SAT in math than at Boston University.
While Boston College requires a score of 640, Boston University is a bit more lenient, accepting students with math scores of at least 600.
Boston College also requires students have higher verbal scores as well – 610 as opposed to Boston University’s minimum of 570. That’s probably why Boston University boasts an acceptance rate of almost 60% while Boston College’s rate of acceptance is set at around 30%. So, if you are trying to decide between the two schools, you may have already narrowed your choice to BU, especially if your math and verbal SAT scores do not fall within the range required to attend BC. However, if you meet the SAT requirements for both institutions, you’ll need to continue reading in order to make a decision.
However, BU is a little bit more transparent about its metro status, with most of the green space filled up by concrete. On the other hand, Boston College, which is located in Chestnut Hill, is more self-contained as the campus is situated amongst a more suburban-like setting.
So, if you want to attend college at a school that exudes more in the way of campus charm, then Boston College may be more to your liking. So, if you are a fan of collegiate sports or any sports, in general, you’ll no doubt appreciate being part the game excitement at BC.

A Larger Percentage of Women Attend Both Institutions Student-to-faculty ratios are about the same for both schools (14-to-1 for BC and 15-to-1 for BU).
However, there is a noted distinction between the number of females and males attending BU, with 62% of the students enrolled at the college being women. At BC, the genders are more evenly distributed although, again, more females attend the institution.
Boston University Has a Larger Student Population That being said, the number of undergraduates and graduates attending Boston College number less than half the number of graduates attending Boston University.
Part of this difference lies in the fact that Boston University’s campus is integrated with the surrounding community and the admission requirements are less stringent.
In addition, distance learning is offered at Boston University while online training is not an option at Boston College. Visit Each Campus before you Make up your Mind Again, tuition runs the same for each school.
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