Think about the last time you were in an airport, waiting in line to go through TSA security screening.
In most cases, you knew everything you needed to know before getting to the area where it happens. You’ve probably had a similar experience going to a sports event or concert at a stadium or arena.
The point here is that effective Customer Service means giving people good information so that they know what to do to navigate well in your place of business.
What information do your customers have, or what are they told before they do business with you?
Next, a clothing and homeware retailer based in the United Kingdom, has chosen to upgrade its contact centers by refitting them with Interactive Intelligence solutions. Designed for use on both SIP and VoIP standards, the Customer Interaction Center brings the ability to queue, organize, record, and quality manage all customer communications and requests across multiple platforms. Handling all levels of input at one time will allow the Next call centers to work at a higher capacity.
Along with the upgrade with Interactive Intelligence, the Customer Interaction Center Suite also includes Interaction Recorder. Apple, true to their strategy of watching what Samsung does and then doing the same thing, is widely expected to release their first large screen iPhone next week.

What’s more is, mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January, 2014. But what does this mean to the marketing community? The first thing on our mind at Shaping the Game is digital customer experience. Given how little mobile traffic is through the browser, a tempting response might be: Are you sure you even want to try? Through a process of research, analysis, and communication, Jake creates value for his team and the clients we serve by identifying, defining, and communicating risks, opportunities, alignment, trends, and competitive intelligence.
About RightpointFounded in 2001, Agency Oasis is a leading interactive agency that provides sophisticated digital strategy and creative design that blends the latest technologies to power cutting edge experiences for its clients and their customers. When giving people instructions, there’s a tone that the speaker can use to make people feel like they are valued.
Whether it is via email, voice, chat or SMS, the Customer Interaction Center will filter these inquiries and deliver them to the most appropriate agent. In a world where calling in is now just one of many options, the ability to handle all requests is imperative to providing structure and maximizes the customer experience for all clients. If this turns out to be the case, it will be great news for fan boys and girls experiencing screen-envy related anxiety.
Apps made up 47% of Internet traffic and 8% of traffic came from mobile browsers, according to data from comScore.

Adding a slightly bigger screen to the growing list of form factors to design web content around is certainly enough of a hassle, but the other interesting mobile trend on the horizon is the rise of the wearables.
The goal of this work is to help clients understand and organize around the correct path forward for their online marketing and communications initiatives, with a strong focus on advancing business goals and objectives while simultaneously improving the delivery of seamless and coherent digital customer experience.
With offices in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas, and Toronto, Agency Oasis’ expertise is rooted in its technical background, which remains a core focus and drives the team to create relevant, brand-enhancing interactive initiatives that are grounded in sound strategy to help tackle focused business objectives.
Just last week the International Data Corporation released a report indicating the majority of the foreseeable growth in the smartphone market will occur in the red-hot phablet segment. Unsurprisingly, many in marketing are wondering: How will we keep up with the customer experience requirements for web content created by these emerging form factors? If there are specific use cases for mobile users, the customer experience is likely to be greatly enhanced by delivering a native app that leverages device features such as the accelerometer or GPS in a more substantive way.

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