Start your design of the lines on both sides with Extreme, Winter White and Sunray and make sure that the lines are parallel to each other and the outside color is also the longest line.
Start with the drag- art at the bottom or top of your lines, and drag with your striper brush to the center of your design. Start your design of roses with Techno Ruby and make sure that you work with your Striper Brush. Finish the design with some smaller roses in Extreme color, after finished your application, cure this nail for 6 minutes (remember we used Extreme in the design).
Add a second coat of Fairytale Romance followed by dots of Rouge Noir, Return to Paradise and Winter White. Using an orange wood stick with the pointy end, make circular motions from the center of the nail towards the right side, continuing all the way out and over the free edge.
Ja od poczatku jak tylko weszly uzywam ich bazy i nablyszczacza, sprawuja sie bardzo dobrze, sa dosc geste, nie zalewaja sie skorki i utrzymuja sie bardzo dlugo. I tak sobie wlasnie szukam informacji na temat tych hybryd indigo gel polish tym bardziej ze teraz takie piekne kolory wprowadzili .

Mam dokladnie te dwa kolory i nie powiem,bo przed lekkim rozcienczeniem bylo ciezko je nakladac. A ja pytanie z innej beczki- slyszalyscie juz o hybrydach, do ktorych nie potrzeba bazy i nablyszczacza?
We develop and introduce top quality products and continuously research new technology to bring to the forefront of our ever-growing salon industry. Use a very thin to create the body of the butterfly, and two small dots to create the eyes. Do not cleanse the application; finish directly with Intense Seal, Ultra Seal or Clear Gel. We sell a variety of high-end Skincare and Cosmetics 100% backed by every brand we work with, ensuring our customers are receiving authentic products each and every time they order.
You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution! Ja kiedys mialam jakas lampe led nie pamietam niestety firmy to duzo hybryd nie chcialo mi sie do konca utwardzic.

Mam dwie hybrydy od nich ale tak staly i staly bo ta konsystencja jakos mnie zniechecala ale ze kolor sliczny wiec sie skusilam i zrobilam kilka dni temu paznokcie , ale i tak sa za geste moglyby byc ciut rzadsze . Trwalosc takich lakierow jest w moim odczuciu duzo mniejsza, jesli masz klientki ktore przychodza do Ciebie max po 2 tyg ok polecam, natomiast jesli Twoje klientki chodza z hybryda do ok 4 tyg to juz nie. Your new nails will not lift or crack, but will retain a durability that rivals any acrylic.
I jesli chodzi o ich sciaganie, to gorzej sie odmaczaja, bo sa bardzo dobrze napigmetowane.
Whether natural or colored, ibd gels always keep their lustrous shine and incredibly glossy appearance. From bonders and builders to sculpting and extremes, ibd offers an assortment of gels and gel products to meet your client’s needs in length, tip and color.

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