Even save more up to 10% discount when you shop our services online (paypal payment), repair will be done within a week from the date you order. Call for current pricing as the market rate on the iPhone 5s screens are coming down in price! At Phone Medic we offer same day repairs, experienced staff, and while your iPhone 4 is getting fixed, we will provide you with a loaner phone to use.
Shatter Buggy respects your time therefore we utilize a state of the art scheduling system that sets an exact arrival time. Whether you are hiking in the mountains and drop you device on a boulder or leave your phone on top of your car, there really is no one who cares more about getting you back on your feet quickly with little fuss. If scheduling online does not work for you or you simply want to discuss your issues with an interested party fell free to call us directly at 303-900-3823.
The inner electronic display screen where everything comes to life underneath the outer glass of your iPhone 4G is called the LCD, or liquid crystal display. Your defective LCD will be replaced with a BRAND NEW LCD, and installed by an Apple Certified Technician!

The surest way to identify your iPhone is to check the model number located on the back of your device.
You can verify this by turning your phone on and if you can still see the icons behind the cracked glass it is just the glass.
It completely revolutionised the mobile phone market by offering a new sleek design which quickly outsold all competitors. The iPhone 3g is the successor of the 2g, featuring a glossy back cover unlike the 2G's metal design. Technology is at its best when it feels completely natural, almost like there's no technology at all. If the LCD is damaged, you’ll probably notice your screen has gone white or there is a series of discolored lines appearing. Bring your iPhone 4 into one of our many locations to get your free 10 point inspection and phone sanitization, today. If you turn on the phone on and the screen is scrambled watercolored, or has lines running through it behind the cracked glass you need Glass and LCD repair.

Our skilled technicians use the highest quality parts to ensure that we get your phone back to you looking like a new iPhone 4G.
We also offer many accessories for the iPhone 4 such as phone cases, headphones, and decals. You use your fingers to do everything, so everything you do — surfing the web, typing email, reading books and swiping through photos — is easier and a lot more fun. Paired with white glass on the back and front, you might have a hard time noticing the gold in the wild unless it was held in the sun. We know that how important your iPhone 4G for you and you need that quickly working as before.

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