Dealing with a water damaged floor is a terrible task for any homeowner; however, with the proper knowledge and procedure, you can effectively repair your floor after water damage.
If the floor is still damaged after it has dried, you will need to remove the affected area. Once the old flooring is out of the way, you will need to check the condition of the sub floor. If you are dealing with laminate flooring, you should be able to snap-in some replacement boards and re-install the rest of the floor. To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox. The purpose of the venting system in the toilet is for air to adjust the pressure in the drain line to permit fluid water flow.
If your home or business is located near trees, you may find yourself falling into a more serious drain pipe problem. You can reach us at  our Wilmington, NC location at (910) 473-6006, which serves all of New Hanover County, or at our Oak Island Location at (910) 833-1966, which serves all of Brunswick County.
Repairing wood damage in crawl spaces caused by rot, mold, and termites can seem like an overwhelming and expensive project. At Foundation Systems of Michigan, we specialize in repairing crawl space issues of all types, including moldy or damaged wood.
We serve the Michigan area, including surrounding areas such as Flint, Waterford, Bloomfield Hills, Taylor, Petoskey, Troy, Sterling Heights and nearby. Many homeowners and contractors make the mistake of repairing the damaged wood and calling the problem solved.
Removing Water Sources: All plumbing issues and groundwater leaking must be addressed, or your replacement wood will rot. Eliminate Pest Infestations: If you've had termites, carpenter ants, or other pests in your crawl space, you'll need a pest inspector to make sure they're eliminated. In the case of structural wood, the entire piece -- not just the damaged portion -- will need to be replaced or reinforced.
Surface mold is able only to consume the sugars and starches in the wood, which does not influence the strength of the wood. Wood rot is able to consume sugars and starches as well, but it's also able to convert the structural polymers in wood fibers to food, which weakens the wood's strength. Crawl space jack posts do more than just reinforce your rotting crawl space beams and posts -- they can also be used over time to attempt to restore your floor to its original, level position. Often, it's not necessary to replace the wood -- even when the crawl space frame shows mold damage.
If your structural support beams are rotted, a sister beam of new wood may be installed along the old one to add structural strength. Seal The Crawl Space: Summer humidity and winter cold can make its way into a crawl space through the vents. Dehumidify The Crawl Space: Mold, rot, termites, cockroaches, and other pests all need a source of water to survive. Client Testimonials"They helped us make our home safe and that meant the world to us."Paul Marshal. All the questions we've ever been asked about sanding, finishing or installing hardwood floors for customers. Under Minnesota statute 326.84 subdivision 1, hardwood contractors who do not provide more than two special skills are not required to be licensed.
While cost can vary based on the shape of the rooms to sand, amount of finish remaining, number of radiators or closets, our rates start at $4.25 per square foot for sanding, one coat of sealer and two coats of polyurethane. Be careful with the word 'stain' - it's the most abused word in the wood flooring industry. The process of actually staining a floor involves an extra sanding pass at 100 grit (to minimize scratch visibility and to ensure even stain absorption) and the price of the stain and its application, and prices begin at $5.00 per square foot. A word of warning: Floors made from maple, birch, pine, or fir are notoriously difficult to stain evenly and well. We recommend that quarter-round moulding be removed for sanding—it prevents a visible ledge from forming at room edges. Though oil-modified polyurethanes have been the go-to finish for hardwood floors for decades, waterborne finishes have caught up to, and in some cases exceeded them in quality. Unlike polyurethane, which builds a layer of polymer over the surface of the wood, penetrating finishes sink into the grain. When polyurethane is applied directly to bare wood, it can glue the boards together along their length, effectively eliminating the "crack" between the boards.
The seal coat still counts as a layer of polyurethane because it protects the wood from water and staining, so your floor's protection is not compromised by the addition of that first layer of seal. All our install jobs are bid with the assumption that all quarter-round, baseboard, radiators and appliances will be removed before we arrive. Coniferous woods (fir or pine) are significantly softer than most hardwoods and deep dents and dings will appear quickly in floors made of those materials. The one grading category that can make a difference to the performance of your floor is "quarter-sawn" or "quartered".

Installing a straightforward 300sqft room, including sanding and finishing, will take 5-6 business days.
The faces of the boards of new flooring may be smooth when it comes from the mill, but we're worried about the board edges whose heights don't quite match—the 'overwood' that you can feel with your bare toes as you walk across the floor. There is no form with this name or may be the form is unpublished, Please check the form and the url and the form management. Border collie puppies for sale from lock-eye border collies, Above is a clip of two pups that are now sold, but it shows part of our property and how we take our pups on hikes. Lock and roll tennis how to play tennis like a pro - rules, Here at lock and roll tennis, we believe in using the natural rotation of one’s body to deliver strong, powerful hits (the “lock and roll” movement)..
Lock and key dating events for singles - press media, Lock and key events, described as a fun, interactive way to meet potential love interests, have been held at venues in nearly 100 cities. Most of the time these blockages are caused by a collection of hair strands or greasy matter that becomes solid inside the plumbing system.
When the vent system is not working correctly, you might see your toilet’s water levels rising or falling abruptly. If tree roots, looking for moisture, find the drain system, and if there are any damages such as cracks, the roots will find their way into the drain and slowly start to grow inside.
Wood rot destroys about 20 billion board feet of timber each year -- far more than than the annual amount destroyed by fire damage. However, if you can catch the problem before it becomes too severe, it can be quickly and affordably remedied by a professional crawl space contractor.
Termites can abandon sections of their nest while still being present elsewhere in your home. A professional should be called in to identify what caused the damage so it doesn't reoccur. In these cases, we recommend crawl space jack posts, also known as crawl space supports, to repair the damage. Crawl space supports are appropriate to repair crawl space support posts that are rotting, as well as supports that are sagging due to poor supporting soils.
Keeping these away from your home helps prevent the colonies spreading where they're not welcome.
Drying out the space with a self-draining dehumidifier will help to keep these unwanted critters out.
Although you may think that roots cannot harm the foundation of your home, you are mistaken. Owner Bob (who is also chief installer, sander, finisher, cook and bottle washer) bids on weekday evenings. If you have further questions, the Minnesota Commerce Department enforcement line is 651-296-2488.
We work primarily with waterborne finishes, but are happy to discuss options such as oil-modified polyurethane, Waterlox (a tung-oil based penetrating finish) and Rubio Monocoat (a linseed oil-based penetrating finish).
Most people use it to describe any coating that goes on the wood, but when we say 'stain' we mean anything deliberately applied to the floor to change its color, but that is translucent enough to allow the wood grain to still be visible. We love to sand and finish these floors with a natural, untinted finish, we will generally decline to stain or pigment them.
If the existing finish shows no evidence of having been waxed, has only surface scratches, has no obvious wear areas and is largely intact, it is possible to do what is called a screen and recoat. However, if the floor we're sanding is the only access path to bedrooms or your bathroom, we would recommend finding another place to stay during the coating process. We work primarily with Bona brand waterborne finishes which have much lower levels of VOCs and toxic solvents and will not compromise your interior air quality, even during the closed-up winter season.
The laws that were passed in 2010 to control lead dust during renovation decreased the cost and improved the functioning of the vacuums that we attach to our sanders.
The greatest advantage of an oil-based polyurethane is how easily it adds a deep amber warmth to all woods.
These penetrating finishes (usually some combination of tung or linseed oil) still protect the wood from water and other staining agents, but the physical wear is taken by the grain of the wood itself. We specialize in American hardwoods because we find that wood behaves better when it's installed in homes in a similar climate to the one where the wood originally grew. It isn't a difficult job, but it is a tedious one because you have to be sure to remove every carpet pad staple. If we're doing a kitchen install as part of a kitchen renovation, it is often easiest if we install the floor after the old cabinets have been removed but before the new ones have gone in. Still, even those dents do not seriously affect the performance of the floor, and some people consider such marks a form of character or patina. As the National Oak Manufacturerers' Assocation puts it: "Appearance alone determines the grades of hardwood flooring since all grades are equally strong and serviceable in any application". Wood of any species that is quartersawn is much more dimensionally stable through changes in humidity and is much less prone to gapping and cracking over time.
Allow more time for tearout of carpet or subfloor, intricately shaped rooms and stairwells. Sanding that new wood makes every board edge exactly the same height as its neighbor, so all you feel is continuous flatness under your feet.

If you are dealing with hardwood, the hole you saw will give you a good place to insert a pry bar. We suggest calling a professional plumber to examine and correctly fix the plumbing problem.
Ways you can tell you might have a mild blockage is if the drain is slower than usual, water is backing up, moisture is showing up on the walls around where the drain pipe is, or the sound of  gurgling can be heard when water is draining out. Our Oak Island and Wilmington, NC plumbers can fix this problem before it leads to a more serious and costly plumbing issue. Mark Gonzales and his plumbers are full-service drain pipe and septic service specialists that will get to the root of your problem quickly.
These adjustable support beams can be installed quickly underneath your home to restore strength to your structure. A plastic liner can, air tight vent and door covers will hold back moisture and humidity, and create a physical barrier between pests and your home. Tree roots can be an enemy to your homes foundation if they come into contact with the concrete or block or the dirt underneath your foundation.A mature tree, for example, can take in as much as 30 gallons of water in a solitary day. So, in an attempt to stem the flow of bid requests, we are limiting estimates to addresses in St. This involves using a buffer with a 180 grit screen to lightly scratch the top layer of finish so that a new layer of finish will bond to it.
Dark stains from urine are the worst, largely because urine is corrosive and chemically burns the wood.
And anyone who might be adversely affected by the finish fumes from oil-modified finishes (waterborne finishes are fine)—infants, pregnant women, asthmatics—should not stay in the home during the finishing process. Most customers prefer to remove and reinstall it themselves because it's easy and saves them money. Fumes from oil-modified polyurethane can be lethal to small pets (birds, gerbils, guinea pigs—anything smaller than a rabbit) so we require that those animals be removed from the premises for the entire coating process. But their fumes and the slow drying times make them difficult to work with, not to mention the vast quantities of paint thinner it takes to clean up all our brushes and applicators. Waterlox™ and Rubio Monocoat™ finishes are brands of penetrating finish that we use and recommend that do not require top-coating with wax. So, extremely hard woods will not dent as easily if you throw a can of peas at them, but their density doesn't help the finish last any longer.
The higher the grade, the higher the cost, the more uniform the appearance of the boards and the higher the proportion of long boards in any given set of flooring. Minnesota has one of the country's largest annual ranges of humidity change so dimensionally stable lumber makes an especially good investment here.
If you are dealing with a concrete sub floor, you need to make sure that it is completely dry. For solid wood flooring, you may be able to install raw wood before refinishing the floor to match. Mark Gonzales and his Wilmington, NC plumbers are experts in drain pipe  and plumbing services. The longer this problem is left unchecked, the more costly the eventual plumbing solution can be. Do not wait a minute longer if you are concerned about your drain pipe or any other plumbing issus. When wood is cut and processed, it loses this natural layer of protection and opens the door for mold and rot growth. This drains the moisture of the soil nearby and can lead to reduced strength in the neighboring dry soil.
However, it is always best to try to sand out a stain before trying more drastic measures - occasionally they sand right out.
Larger pets can stay in the home, but we recommend securing them on another level to keep them away from the work area. The modern waterborne finishes that we favor have a much lower VOC profile and clean up with water.
Normal boards would pull away from each other just a little bit, but because the shrinkage is spread across so many cracks, it is difficult to detect.
We have repaired the most common drain pipe problems found in homes and businesses and dealt with virtually every commercial or residential plumbing problem that may exist. If your pets are traumatized by strangers or noise, you might consider sending them on a short vacation while the work is completed. When the boards are glued together, they "panelize" and act like wide boards, causing wide cracks to appear regularly across the floor.Sealer prevents the boards from being glued together and keeps them from panelizing. Inadequate subfloors can be torn out and replaced or, sometimes, we can put a new subfloor directly over the existing one. That is why it is important to plant any trees carefully to ensure that you will keep your home and foundation safe and strong.

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